Do you or someone you know like to collect police collectibles, such as police coins and police stickers? If yes, then the Police K9 Unit Sticker will be a perfect addition to your collection. This sticker makes a perfect keepsake to honor the services of a K9 police handler and his or her law enforcement companion.

Police K9 Unit Sticker features a growling canine and 6 stars. It comes in two amazing variations and fast shipping. Fabric Matte Wall sticker is 21.8 inches tall and will make an attractive centerpiece on the wall. This sticker is made of fabric that does not scratch the wall paint. The fabric matte wall sticker is easy to install and reposition with damaging the wall paint. It is recommended to sue this wall sticker on smooth, dry, and clean surfaces, such as walls. The sticker comes with step-by-step instructions that you can follow to ensure the sticker is stuck to the wall without any problem.

The second variation is the eye-catching Reflective Vehicle Decal which would be a perfect addition to your vehicle. The reflective decal measures 4.7 inches in size and it is made of reflective material so it will shine in light.

Many people use the police coins to pay tribute to the police officers and other law enforcement service members who serve the community. The custom of giving and receiving the police challenge coins and the military coins is widespread. As a matter of fact, many people like to collect these stickers and coins to show their support to the law enforcement or simply because these stickers make them feel proud.

The Police K9 Unit Sticker is designed for those people who want to show their love and support to the canines and the K9 handlers. The canines hold great importance in the history of the law enforcement since they assist the police officers with their natural skills and protect them from danger. This sticker also oms with detailed instructions to carefully stick them to the surface.

The Police K9 Unit Sticker is high-quality and durable. The wall sticker does not require maintenance and the reflective sticker will stay with your vehicle for years. This sticker is designed to keep in mind the unique relationship of friendship and love that is shared between a canine and a K9 officer.

The Police K9 Unit sticker is one of the beautifully designed and most admired stickers in our Police Sticker Series. There are several uses of these K9 stickers, for example, you can give these police collectibles as a gift to a K9 police handler to make him or her feel special, you can use these stickers on your car to show your support to the canine and K9 police handlers, or you can simply add this sticker to your collection of police collectibles. Click here to check our full collection of stickers from the Police Sticker Services.

Do You Share a Special Bond with your Canine? Click Here to Get the Police K9 Unit Sticker to Show Your Love & Appreciation to the Canine and K9 Officer.

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