The thin blue line concept can be traced to the early 20th Century, where the US soldiers started using the blue uniform. Sighting from a distance, one could easily have noticed that the soldiers formed a thin blue line when standing together. Thus, birthing the thin blue line that we know today.  

In the 1950s, the law enforcement officers adopted the blue line to represent their dedication and courage to fight against evil. Again, the thin blue line stands for everything officers go through to protect the American citizens. Displaying the thin blue line flags anywhere is a way to honor these courageous men and women.

Let’s look at some of the thin blue line flags to buy.

Thin Blue Line Gadsden Flag

Just as the American flag tells the country’s independence stories, this flag represents our law enforcement support. The thin blue line Gadsden flag has a black background with a blue line and a snake symbol in the middle.

Meanwhile, the black above the line reflects the good citizens, while the one below represents the bad eggs. The snake depicts the constant bravery of the police to attack and decimate evil. Hence, the thin blue line flag reminds us of the police’s duty to establish peace while preventing violence in our communities.

Thin Blue Line Flag

This thin blue line flag by police brand is excellent for showing your patriotism to the American dream. The 3x5 foot flag is 100% polyester with two metal grommets for easy hanging of pole. Thus, you can place the flag in your vehicle, office, or home.

The thin blue line represents the relationship between the crime fighters and citizens. While we can’t ignore the white and black stripes, the stars symbolize the citizens who benefit from our fathers’ sacrifices. Again, the flag is heavy-duty and well stitched, would do a wonderful job at showing our support for law enforcement.  

Police Flag Yellow Gadsden

This flag is perfect for displaying your respect for our heroes. Unlike other thin blue line flags listed, this one is highly reflective, making it excellent for making distressed calls. It also bears the words ‘enough is enough don’t tread on me’, signaling the criminal elements to keep off. The blue line runs across the flag’s middle, bounded by black colors. The yellow design represents several society members like tow truck drivers and security guards who risk their lives for our good. The snake picture runs from the top to the bottom, depicting the officer’s readiness to withstand and conquer violence.

Thin Blue Line Skull Flag

We can’t exhaust our thin blue line flags without listing the skull flag. This one also features a black background that represents officers who lost their lives while protecting us. The most outstanding part of the flag is the skull symbol, which reminds us of the struggle to stay alive during chaos and suppression. Still, it stands for the danger of the police job, even as our boys and girls endanger their lives to keep us alive.

Once you purchase any of our thin blue line flags, you become a part of our commitment to encouraging our gallant officers.


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