Police coins are perfect medallions to appreciate and honor the critical role that law enforcement service members play to serve and protect the citizens. The police coins or police challenge coins are small, but when given as a gift, they convey a big message 'We care about, respect, and support our law enforcement heroes.’

Police Challenge Coins

What Are Police Coins?

Police coins are small engraved and decorated metal pieces that come in different sizes, shapes, material, and finish. Law enforcement organizations issue these medallions to their members to confirm their membership in their specialty group or organization. These coins are also issued in honor of police officers or sometimes a civilian for exceptional achievement.

These coins are issued through a handshake and can serve as identity verification. For example, police officers within specific roles are required to carry their coins all the time, so their identity can be verified.  Within the law enforcement department, some divisions and ranks have specialist groups, and the members of that group can be distinguished from the members of other divisions by wearing challenge coins. The specialty group members can give their challenge coin to anyone they want. This tradition is widespread in the military, and it is followed in law enforcement.

What Are Police Coins? The police coins are crafted carefully with the emblem of the organization they belong to engraved directly into the coin. Some organizations have their motto etched into the medallion, while others have their monograms engraved. Some coins may feature colored enamel painted into the engraving. The material they are made of include zinc, brass, bronze, silver, antique silver and sometimes gold. Some law enforcement coins come with protective coating and holders.

What Do These Coins Represent?

Police coins are very similar to the military coins. Just like the military challenge coins, police challenge coins are used to cultivate unity and harmony among the unit members. These coins are also used to recognize the services offered by the police officers. The coins are issued from a handshake to recognize the heroes, which means that there is o official ceremony to distribute these coins. Each police coin tells a unique story to hold the unit together, tying it in a strong bond. Unit members or police officers that belong to that unit carry their unique challenge coin. There is always an emotional and a special memory tied to a police coin, so next time you ask a police officer about where did he/she get the medal, he or she will tell you the unique story associated with the coin.

Challenge coins - Police collectibles

Each unit in law enforcement has different projects or missions, and the coins are issued to commemorate these individual projects and tasks. These coins connect the unit or group members to let them know that they have been part of something special and also to make them feel an essential member of that group. A police coin would be a perfect way to show your respect and support to the police officers who serve the community and put their lives in danger so that the citizens can have a good night's sleep in the comfort of their homes.

What Are the Uses of Police Coins?

There are various ways police coins are used, such as people like to collect police challenge coins as collectibles, they are used as gifts to show love and respect to a friend or a family member for their valuable service to the community. Some law enforcement officers collect these police challenge coins as a keepsake of their critical mission.

Who Can Have the Police Coins?

There is a misconception about police coins or military coins that only law enforcement officers and other service members can have these coins. The truth is that anyone can have these coins, and in fact, some people collect these medallions as a hobby. Some people collect all different types of coins and not just the police coins, such as military coins and challenge coins.

Will Police Challenge Coins Make a Good Gift?

If you have a friend or family member who has served or is currently serving in law enforcement, you may have noticed them carrying beautifully designed coins with them. That is because law enforcement officers it is pride and honor to carry these coins with them. Since each police coin tells a heart-warming story, many police officers like to collect these coins. If you want to show your respect and appreciation to your beloved law enforcement friend or family member, these coins make a perfect gift. You can also show your support to law enforcement officers by giving these coins as a gift.

What Types of Police Challenge Coins Can You Get?

There are so many different types of police coins available out there. These are available in 2D and 3D designs, along with many others that you can choose based upon your budget. The collectible police coins are reasonably priced. However, the price depends upon the material, finish, and other factors. For example, a gold police coin will be more expensive than a bronze police coin. Some people prefer to have customized police challenge coins since they like their coins to be made according to their specific needs. The coins are also available for different states and law enforcement of those states. Gone are the days when collecting police challenge coins was an expensive hobby. These days a wide variety of beautifully crafted challenge coins are available at reasonable prices.

Where to Get Police Coins?

If you are looking for attractive and durable police coins, look no further. We have an extensive collection of police challenge coins, law enforcement coins, and military coins that can be used as collectibles or as a gift. Our Guardian mindset coin series has great police coins. All you need to do is reach out to us through our website, and we will assist you in choosing your next police coin. Click here to check out our police coin collection to find your next police challenge coin.

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