The Thin Blue Line badges, flags, and bands have been used to pay tribute to the law enforcement for their continuous services to the community, even during the toughest times. The Wooden Thin Blue Line Flag is designed for our law enforcement service members who sacrifice their safety and lives to protect citizens. If you are a law enforcement officer or you have a close friend or a family member who is a law enforcement officer, this wooden badge will make an ideal gift for any occasion.

Many people love collecting challenge coins, police coins, and other types of police collectibles, such as police stickers, police badges, and so forth. We should always support and appreciate the valuable services offered by the police officers. The Wooden Thin Blue Line Badge is customizable. You can personalize this with your police badge number, name, or quote that you would like. You can put this wood badge on the wall using the durable brackets that come with it. If you are into collecting police collectibles, it will be an exciting addition to your police memorabilia collection. You can also give this wooden badge as a gift to a beloved friend or a family member who serves in the police. It is about 2 ft tall and 1 inch thick. It will make a perfect centerpiece for a smooth wall in your home. The wooden badge comes with a bracket to use the badge on the wall.

Law enforcement officers try hard to maintain order during unrest. We should show our support so they can stay strong and do the right thing for our protection. The real meaning of Thin Blue Line is the sacrifice that the law enforcement service members make every day of their lives to protect the nation from dangers. Police organizations and law enforcement agencies take Thin Blue Line very seriously because it represents the bravery that these officers show to ‘hold us together.’

The Thin Blue Line symbol has gained so much popularity among the law enforcement officers, their family and friends, and people who support them. It is the symbol of the relationship between police and the community.

Wooden Thin Blue Line Badge for Wall Decor

The Thin Blue Line is commonly used in various shapes, such as flags, badges, armbands, headbands, t-shirts, hats, logos, and so forth. It is because of the massive popularity of this symbol among law enforcement supporters. It is also associated with some significant events that happened in the history of the United States, where law enforcement had a vital role.

The Wooden Thin Blue Line Badge – Your Badge Number is made of good material that will last longer. If you use it as wall décor, it will enhance the beauty of the wall by giving it a statement that you want to make. If you would like to personalize it, use the special instructions box on the product page to write your badge number, name, and quote.

Do You Want to Make a Personal Statement?- Click Here to Get Your Wooden Thin Blue Line Badge.

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