Showing Support for The Blue Thin Line

You may be wondering what ‘The Blue Thin Line’ means. Simply put, blue stands for the police, specifically the dominant color in their uniform. Thin Line is merely a physical description of the blue stripe running across the police flag. The term originated from the 93rd Highland Regiment on Foot of the British Army. Soldiers in that regiment that fought in the 1854 battle of Balaclava matched in a formation called the Thin Red Line.

The term The Blue Thin Line was popularized in the united states by Bill Parker in the 1950s, the then LAPD chief. Other police departments soon adopted the term.

Thin Line Flag

Thin blue line flag

The Blue Thin Line flag is a black and white canvass of the American flag with a single horizontal blue stripe running through its center. The blue stripe is perhaps the simplest interpretation of the phrase ‘the blue thin line.’ There are many variations of the flag in all states depending on the state flag’s colors and design. The thin flag of Texas, for example, is partly gray with the thin line passing through its center. To the rest of the citizens, the flag means support for law enforcement. Personnel in the police force on the other hand view the flag as a sign of solidarity. It doesn’t matter which side you view the flag from, one thing remains; the blue thin line flag generally stands for peace and calm.

To break it down further, the part of the flag above the blue line represents a calm and peaceful society. The lower part represents the dark forces of anarchy, lawlessness, and crime. So technically the blue line represents the work of the police in ensuring the two opposing sides don’t come together. It means they have formed a human wall to protect law-abiding citizens from the dark forces below. You can get the best fabric of the blue thin line flag on Police Brand website. There are many more designs and related flags to choose from.

Thin Blue and Red Line Flag


Thin red and blue line flag

The thin red-blue line flag shows support for the combined firefighting and police departments. Just like the name suggests, this flag is the united states flag in black and white with a thin red and blue stripe running through the center. The blue part represents the police department while the red part is for the fig fighting department. The police and the firefighters have so much in common. Their joint effort is directed towards protecting life and property. Police Brand has a collection of thin blue and red line flag, separate and combined, all at affordable prices.

Thin Blue Line Heart

The thin blue line heart is a component of the blue thin line. It is simply the thin line flag shaped like a heart; a heart carved out of the flag. It is used to show compassion and support for the law enforcement department. The thin blue line heart also imitates the blue thin line state flag from which it is made. 

Challenge Coins Law Enforcement

Challenge coin

Challenge coins for the police, or coin police, or the ones above found at Police Brand are just coins or medals with various insignia. Law enforcement officers attach the coins to their uniforms while on duty. The main role of the coins is to identify the police to the common citizen and to boost their morale. When officers from different jurisdictions cross paths, it is the coin that identifies them to each other. The coins are normally collected by service members as well as law enforcement personnel. Challenge coins have greatly evolved in size and design in the past few years. Modern coins have various references from superheroes to other well-known characters.

Police Challenge Coins are normally presented by unit commanders. They are also exchanged during a visit to a particular department. The Roman Empire was the first to present coin police to their soldiers for various military achievements. President has made major changes to coins he has awarded. Trump removed the thirteen arrows representing the former thirteen colonies and the presidential seal. In their place, the coins now had ‘Make America Great Again’ on both sides.

The public is required to show support for the blue thin line by respecting the challenge coin. It can be done in several ways, including:

  • Respecting the challenge coin and the bearer.
  • Cooperating with the bearer of the challenge coin in investigations.

Best Cop Gifts

An ordinary citizen may never know how many times the police have saved their life. Truth is, a cop saves a life or more every day. They have saved yours 1000+ times. Just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The mere presence of a cop in the vicinity is enough to keep away a robber, a murderer, a thief, or any other criminal. Cops engage in many undercover operations to nab potential criminals and foil criminal acts. The public never get to know this. The cop is constantly putting their life on the line to save you. They are so prepared to lose their life to save yours. Have you ever thought of that? Have you ever thought of saying ‘thank you’ to a random cop?  Probably a NO for both.

Thin blue line

For every the blue thin line member out there, let these appreciation gifts for police officers  or best cop gifts be a token to show their sincere appreciation for your selfless acts of protecting us. Visit Police Brand site for a wide variety of gifts.

  1. Thin line flag
  2. Thin blue line heart
  3. The blue thin line bracelet
  4. Challenge coin

Contrary to what many would expect, the best gift for a police officer is not necessarily something physical. Proper gifts are things that touch their emotions. Most cops go through untold emotional turmoil in their line of duty. One cop has left behind a young family. Another has left behind old parents who don’t have anyone else to take care of them. A cop is constantly fearful of what might befall them. They are trained, yes, they are brave, yes, but they are humans at the end of the day. Your support will help them walk through the dark shadows of their calling.

Giving Money Gifts to Police 

Send some money to a cop in an envelope and tell them it is for the sacrifice they make to save lives. It is not a bribe, and it is not tokenism. If a bank teller or a teacher can be given a money gift, why not do the same with a police officer. Unless the officer turns down the offer, which is quite unlikely, then they are entitled to money gifts like everybody else. If you don’t want it to look awkward with you, the officer, or any third parties present, do it way in either of these ways:

  • Give the gift when the officer is off duty
  • Give it to a group of officers, say the whole department, if your means allow.
  • Give it openly to avoid giving the wrong idea, which might land you, the officer, or both of you in trouble.

Always wrap money gifts properly without indicating the amount. Money gifts can also be dropped at specific points for the intended officer to pick or simply mail it to their address.

Helping Their Families

Support a cop’s child when their daddy or mummy is not around. Help them overcome everyday fear of not seeing their loved one ever again. The gift of emotional support to one of their own is perhaps more significant than any material gift.

Most people may not know it but police officers pay more attention to the public than their own families. How many times has a teacher bed woken up in the dead of the night to do something related to their work? How many times has a banker been called to work at 3 a.m.? the answer is NONE for both questions. being called to duty anytime is typical of the police officer’s work. You might argue that they work in shifts, but some emergencies and situations require backup. The least we can do is take care of the blue thin line families when they are away. It doesn’t have to be a full-time responsibility. Checking on them once a day is enough to support the police flag.

Sharing Their Moment of Grief

Another way of showing emotional support, corps who have lost a loved one need this gift the more. Help the cop overcome their loss through your physical presence and material help. The human bond is at its strongest in the face of adversities. If you haven’t noticed, people are normally brought together by the common challenges they go through. The situation becomes better if there are people around you. Technically, a shoulder to lean on. It is no different for men and women in blue. Having people around them when they are grieving elevates their spirits. Think of it this way; maybe the officer lost their own trying to save another. That other person they were saving from a robber, a murderer, or a random psycho could be you.

Honoring the Departed

For departed cops, the best we can give is a befitting tribute. Come out and lay a wreath for them, even when not asked to. There are normally functions, both public and private, where fallen officers are given tribute. Your presence and participation are even more significant if the cop lost their life in the line of duty. Think about what other the blue thin line members would feel if they saw thousands of people paying tribute to their fallen comrade. It will give them pride in their job and even motivate them to continue delivering more. Besides, this is the only field where some else’s hard work benefits the other person more than themselves. The more these officers work, the more secure the public feel.

It is not enough to lay wreaths for the departed. The same acts of kindness and comfort should be extended to the people they have left behind. They include family members, friends, and fellow officers.  Find those people and tell them ‘sorry’ for their loss.

Surprising Them All the Time

It doesn’t matter what kind of gift you give them. Just give them something anytime, all the time. Give a jewel here, a phone there, anything of value you know will put a smile on their faces. Cops don’t get tired ensuring peace in our neighborhoods and workplaces. We shouldn’t get tired of telling the blue thin line ‘thank you’ too. Pass by a restaurant and pay for their lunch anonymously. But still, you can approach an officer and offer to pay for their next meal. It is not any less of a surprise, especially given the two of you may be total strangers.

Surprises can come in many other forms. How about you wake up one day and decide to fuel their car? Sometimes inquire about their birthday and surprise them with a gift. Whatever you do to surprise them, do it with a clean heart. They don’t have to know who does it but let them know why you did it.  Leave a message of encouragement on the package as well.

Sharing in Their Simple Joys

Sometimes all they need is someone to laugh with. Join our men and women in blue on their special occasions. How many cop weddings have you attended? Do you knock on your cop neighbor’s house to congratulate them on their baby’s arrival? If NO, start doing those things. It makes a big difference.

Support for the men and women in blue must not come from outside only. The act of showing support bears more weight if it is coming from someone close to them. Being close to them means you know what makes them happy or what they need. If you are their fiancé and want to give them the gift of their life, ask to marry them. You don’t have to quote their work as the reason for that. Just make it as natural as it needs to be. Making them feel special boosts their morale in ways you may never understand. It gives them a reason to keep going, to face law enforcement challenges with valor.

Trooper State

If you are familiar with the term ‘trooper’ from its usage in the streets, you would avoid a state trooper like a plague. Many people don’t know that state troopers get the same training as the other members of the blue thin line. The only difference is that police in trooper state does much of the policing alone. Some, but not all of them, don’t wear their official uniform while on duty. But don’t be mistaken, they are armed and won’t hesitate to use their weapon when necessary.

Police in trooper states are very efficient in trailing and nabbing suspected criminals. They are also in a better position to gather crucial information from criminal gangs. Technically, a trooper prevents more crimes than an average officer operating in a unit. Instead of fearing them, the public should support troopers in every way possible. Without blowing their cover, surprise them with gifts anytime you spot them. Walk up to a trooper and shake their hand, say ‘thank you’ for the enormous sacrifice they make every day.

More Ways of Showing Support for the Blue Thin Line

Personal level

  • Pass by the supermarket and grab a thank you card for the blue thin line. Drop the card at your local police station
  • Invite police officers to events at your home. Give them a special reception
  • Stop officers when you see them in town and say ‘thank you.’
  • Educate children on the work of police officers. Let them know that they are not different from the rest of the population. That they are dads and mums like the rest.
  • Offer to buy law enforcement meals, such as inviting them to have lunch with you
  • Speak up against false information being circulated against the men and women in blue
  • Wear blue clothing to show support for the blue thin line
  • Shine a blue light in front of your house`


  • Tie a blue ribbon around trees in your compound
  • Use blue light bulbs on security lights and street lights
  • Give police officers discounts at food joints
  • Comment the police for their good work on the air. Call into your local TV or radio station to hail law enforcement agencies.
  • Hold parties and functions for cops. During those events, encourage community members to come out and thank the police for the selfless work they do. Something as simple as shaking hands with them and giving small gifts can work wonders.
  • Put up signs and billboards giving praises to the police
  • Share good acts of police among community members
  • Ask officers to visit schools and other social places to talk and interact with people.

At media level

  • Cover the good deeds of police in live television and radio
  • Encourage the media to share positive stories about the police. More often, the media only covers the negative side of law enforcement agencies and rarely talk about their good deeds. It does not only demoralize them but it also shows a lack of support for the blue thin line.
  • Allow the blue thin line to do guest editorials and live shows in publications and television respectively.
  • Preparing interviews for the police. Let them talk about their work; the challenges they go through and what they expect of the citizens. Interviews are also forums for the police to clear untruths and controversies surrounding the department. Not only will the members of the public get to know them, but they also get the chance to hear from them things people say about the police.

Social Media Level (Online)

  • Give positive reviews and leave comments of encouragement on their social media pages.
  • Avoid engaging in topics that victimize the police online. Most of the things posted online are unproven. Sometimes people believe them to be true because everyone is saying that. You can make a difference and break the chain of misinformation.
  • Send private messages to the police encouraging and commending them for their work. One can send messages to their social media pages or email individual officers.

Why Police-Community Relationship Is Important

Poor public-police relation is the major cause of lawlessness in some areas. Naturally, the police are supposed to serve the people. But if there is no cooperation between the police and the people they are supposed to protect, things go south. Sometimes the police are blamed for the deteriorated relationship, but it may never be their fault. Problems probably started when the public stopped showing the police any support. Failing to show support could range from abetting crime to acting violently towards law enforcers.  The police have been trained to train anyone wielding any kind of weapon like a combatant. If the officer kills the person, it will be considered an act of defense and not a premeditated will to kill.

To restore the relationship, the public should be encouraged and educated to show more support for the police. They ought to know that the police are their friends, not enemies. The following measures should be taken to improve relations between the two sides:

  1. Reiterate the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the public.
  2. Reduce bias and taking sides when solving issues between the police and the public.
  3. Ensure transparency and accountability in various law enforcement agencies. The public will find it easier to trust and support the men and women in blue.
  4. Prepare forums where law enforcers and the public can sit down and discuss issues facing them.
  5. Reduce the spread of misinformation and stereotypes surrounding the police. It is the reason most people view our servicemen and women in a bad light.
  6. Encourage the police to carry out their policing duties with professionalism. A professional approach to matters affecting the general public earns the police respect and support of the common people. It also ensures fairness and justice to the common citizen.

The bravest men and women in the country, the police can do very little without our full support. Get as many blue thin line collectibles as you can to gift them from Police Brand site. Particularly important are:

Get these items today and show solidarity with our heroes and heroines of the blue thin line.

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