You’re on the blog section of our website, so you’ve probably already seen some of our products, but you likely don’t know everything there is to know about our company, our brand and what we stand for. We feel that it’s important to have an understanding of what a company’s about before you invest in them or do business with them, and it’s with that spirit that we’re going to tell you a bit more about Bound By Honor. 

What is Police Brand and why have I seen this name around the site?

When we first started this site, we sold products exclusively for police officers and professionals in the criminal justice field, so we called our company Police Brand. This took off a bit, and as it did we re-thought our brand. We realized we could support so many other professions in similar fields, so we decided to take advantage of that opportunity. After all, police aren’t the only ones that need support, are they? When we made these changes, we also changed our name to Bound By Honor to be more relevant to more of the career fields we support. 

You’re still able to use the Police Brand name to find our page, and nothing about the quality of our products and services has changed- just the name! 

The career fields we support

Some of the career fields we support currently include police officers, firefighters, military personnel, correctional officers, radio operators and first responders. 

This doesn’t mean that we DON’T support people in similar career fields, or that we won’t expand to include products for other careers in the future. These are just the handful of careers we support presently. 

How we support men and women in these fields

We sell unique products that are relevant and useful to men and women in the police officer, firefighter, military, correctional officer, radio operator and first responder fields on our site. These are often products that can’t be found anywhere else, so we make it a point to offer high-quality products at affordable prices to support these brave men and women. 

The asterisk and elephant in the room

We don’t just support people in these career fields because of social pressure or a sense that we just “should”. We have a strong conviction that the men and women who choose these careers are given a lot of power that the average individual does not, and we feel that this power shouldn’t be abused. These jobs should be carried out with a sense of duty, professionalism and care for humankind. If those lines are ever crossed and the power is abused by an individual, then we believe that person should be removed from their position of power. 

We feel like a degree of objectivity should be observed when talking about police officers and similar careers. Sure, sometimes there are police officers who are corrupted, break the rules, or who use their powers for evil. But those are isolated incidents that represent a small percentage of the nation’s police force. And we feel that the police officers who are out there every day risking their lives and trying to do their jobs by the books need extra support in light of all of the corruption  that has been brought to the nation’s attention in recent years. 

We feel similarly about the military. There are lots of people who feel that the wars that America takes part in are needless, and they may be in some cases. But those issues really have no bearing on our support of the men and women who make up our military. They go to foreign lands and defend us, regardless of how they feel about that. (Some of them don’t agree with why they’re fighting, either, but it’s not their job to question the motives of their superiors.) But for every member of the military that partakes in a foreign war, that’s one more person that ensured that you weren’t forced to go against your will. 

On top of all of that, there are tens of thousands of police officers and military personnel that identify as Oath Keepers that will defend the Constitution and keep you safe, regardless of what their orders are. Officers take an oath to serve and protect, and what being an Oath Keeper means is that if they’re ever given an order that violates their oath, they’ll violate their orders and uphold the oath they took to keep you safe. And we feel like dedication of this caliber is worth supporting. 

Some of our designs may seem a little aggressive

Civilians may view some of our designs and think they come off as more aggressive than they would have imagined for police officers and members of the military. And that’s fair, but that means that they don’t have a firm grasp of what it’s like to be in the shoes of these brave men and women. 

Many of the people working in the career fields we support work to maintain peace, restore order, or generally help people. But even if that’s their goal, sometimes events don’t go according to the ideal plan. Sometimes while they’re trying to peacefully resolve a situation, someone will try to hurt someone else, or they’ll attack the officer or service member in the process. Or, sometimes a firefighter can’t save everyone, even though they extensively tried. 

In these difficult situations, men and women of these fields have learned to take a deep breath, then put on their war face and get through what needs to be done. Sometimes that means they’ll have to fight someone to get them to calm down and stop trying to hurt someone else, sometimes that means fighting inner demons that come with losing people on your shift and constantly having to watch your 6. 

So, sometimes “tough” and “aggressive” are the masks that these people have to wear in order to do their jobs and keep their sanity. 

More questions? 

If you have more questions or want to know more about our company or our brand, feel free to ask in the comments section!

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