South Carolina State Police Challenge Coins – Back the Blue in South Carolina

South Carolina is a constituent state in the United States. It is situated in the south-eastern seaboard region of the United States. On May 23, 1788, South Carolina declared its admission to the union of the United States. South Carolina is the 8th of the 13 original founding American colonies. South Carolina ranks as the 40th largest state in the United States, with the total land area of 32,020 square miles. It is recognized as the 23rd most populated state in the United States, with a total population of 5.149 million according to 2019 report published by the U.S. census bureau. The "soda city" Columbia is the capital, and Charleston is the largest city of the South Carolina state.  South Carolina is also called by its official nickname "The Palmetto State." The official motto of South CarolinaSpero"Dum spiro spero," derived from the Latin language, means "While I breathe, I hope." The significant economic industries of South Carolina State include aerospace and aviation, automobiles, advanced manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, biotechnology and life sciences, livestock, transportation, health care services, recycling, media, education, natural resources, distribution & logistics, nursery products, office and shared services, dairy products, etc.

Fun Facts About South Carolina State

Here are some fun facts about South Carolina State.

  • South Carolina is the leading state in the United States to produce a variety of peaches in large amounts and the best quality.
  • The 7th president of the country, Andrew Jackson, was born and raised in South Carolina State.
  • World's famous agricultural reformer David Robert Coker has belonged to the Carolina State.
  • Charles H. Townes, Joseph L. Goldstein, and Robert F. Furchgott, all these three noble prize winners, were the residents of North Carolina State.
  • Sumter, South Carolina, hosts the largest ginkgo farm in the World.
  • Duncan Park Baseball Stadium recognized as the oldest minor league stadium in the country. It is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
  • Johnston city in South Carolina is known as "the Peach Capital of the World."
  • Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, is where the nation's only commercial tea plantation is found.
  • The very first American Civil War battle happened in Fort Sumter, South Carolina.
  • Purchasing and selling of electric eels are unlawful in South Carolina State.
  • The largest South Carolina State Charleston city is known as the home to the first-ever public college, museum, and playhouse in the United States.
  • In South Carolina, Brookgreen Gardens is famous for keeping the most extensive collection of figurative sculptures in the World.

South Carolina police challenge coins

South Carolina Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

South Carolina peace enforcement departments are responsible for preserving peace across the state. These departments have a critical role in ensuring public safety and supporting local communities. Different policing departments organize public awareness seminars and sessions to educate the citizens about the dangers of alcohol abuse, reckless driving, and other vital issues. Law enforcement also honors students and civilians with medals, and police challenge coins who do something positive for society. The police challenge coins are awarded for showing appreciation and recognition and binding the police with citizens in the positive light.

South Carolina Peace Enforcement Agencies

According to the official report provided by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are two hundred and seventy two law enforcement agencies are serving in South Carolina State. These law enforcement agencies are serving with almost 11,574 loyal and highly-skilled police officers.

South Carolina State Law Enforcement Agencies

Various state law enforcement agencies are functioning in South Carolina State. Some of the most outstanding include South Carolina Highway Patrol (SCHP), South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS), South Carolina State Constable'sConstable's Office, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services (SCDPPPS), South Carolina State Ports Authority Port Police.

South Carolina County Law Enforcement Agencies

Several county law enforcement agencies are operating in South Carolina State. A few of the most notable are Abbeville County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Aiken County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Beaufort County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Berkeley County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Calhoun County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Greenville County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Richland County Sheriff'sSheriff's Department, Spartanburg County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Williamsburg County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, York County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, etc.

South Carolina City and Town law Enforcement Agencies

 A lot of city and town law enforcement agencies are working in South Carolina State. Some notable agencies are Aiken Department of Public Safety, Bowman Police Department, Charleston Police Department, Chester Police Department, Due West Police Department, Eastover Police Department, Fort Lawn Police Department, Greeleyville Police Department, Johnsonville Police Department, Loris Police Department, Ridgeway Police Department, Simpsonville Police Department, Summerville Police Department, Turbeville Police Department, York Police Department.

Back the Blue in South Carolina

There is a pressing need to support police officers, county sheriffs, and other law enforcement officers. These gallant men and women of law enforcement risk their lives by facing danger and sacrifice their comfort and precious family time to make sure the citizens are protected. Their responsibilities are challenging, but they do not let anything come in their way to fulfill their obligations. For all these good reasons, it is vital to back the blue with whatever way you use.

Customized South Carolina Police Support Accessories

There are a plethora of various kinds of police support accessories that civilians and law enforcement supporters use for their passion and respect for the police. Some of the most popular ones include thin blue line police rings, flags, police support stickers, badges, and customized police challenge coins. These accessories are mostly used to show appreciation for and association with the law enforcement agencies. The good thing about the customized support accessories is that you can personalize them with any details, such as your name, a quote, or an image.

Get South Carolina Police Challenge Coins

Police Brand offers a wide range of police support accessories to suit different customers. Click here to grab your unique South Carolina State Trooper support challenge coins today!

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