The Rarest challenge coins in all military history

Military challenge coins have been a useful tool for team building, identification, and recognition from the military's ancient days. Over the years, hundreds of original military challenge coins have been designed and issued to service members and deserving private citizens. Traditionally, military challenge coins are given out by senior military officers to members of a particular rank or mission.

Are there rules for military challenge coins?

Yes. Military challenge coins rules do exist. The rules are designed to maintain the prestige of owning a military challenge coin and uphold team spirit. Traditionally, these rules are used in military drinking dens and by members of the same rank or mission. Here are the most common rules a military challenge coin holder should keep.

  • This is the primary rule for all types of challenge coins. The fairness rule requires that everybody be aware of how a challenge coin may or may not be used. Additionally, fairness requires that every coin holder understands the rules surrounding the coin check game–if a challenge coin can be used for this purpose.
  • Each person can only be challenged once, not in a lifetime but one meeting. This is to say that two coin checks cannot be initiated at the same venue in a small gap of time. These rules prevent the exploitation of those who may have lost/left their challenge coins behind.
  • A challenge coin should be carried every time. Usually, a challenge will fit in your pockets. This is because a coin check can be conducted anywhere and anytime. It is therefore advisable to always carry your challenge coin whenever you are in the vicinity of people who may initiate a coin check.
  • Do not hand over your challenge coin in the middle of a coin check as this amounts to surrender. If you hand over your challenge coin, you have given it away, and you cannot claim it again.
  • Anyone who cannot produce their challenge coin within four steps and an arm’s reach should buy a round of drinks for everyone. However, if everyone had carried the challenge coin, the challenger must buy everyone drinks.
  • Excuses are not acceptable in any coin check.
  • A challenge coin is not equivalent to a medallion.

Now that you know the rules of a military challenge coin check, here are some rarest challenge coins in all military history.

  1. The submariner memorial coin

These coins stand out among the rarest challenge coins throughout history. It can be issued to members of the sea patrol cops who remain in the depths for most days of their careers. The submariner memorial challenge coin carries inscriptions of the hull numbers lost in the sea.


  1. The U.S army diver

Like the mariner memorial challenge coin, the diver coin remains unique and rare. The coin is more or less of a badge carrying inscriptions of the identity of the holder. It is usually issued to deep-sea divers with exceptional achievements in their careers.


While these are the two most rare military challenge coins in history, you will find tens of others in collections of veteran soldiers. Some of these include South Park, Friday the 13th, Medal of Honor military challenge coin, and The Poker Chip, among others. Members of the military holding any of these rare coins can engage each other in a coin check game like holders of other coins would do. In so doing, they would be upholding the unity and team spirit of the military.


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