Get to Know More about Military Challenge Coins!

Do you know someone from the military? If not, perhaps their family members or relatives? Have many of you have ever thought about what kind of lives they’re having? Are you proud of them?

Today, the younger generation might not be that aware of how the military acts as a vital force in a country. Even though a lot has changed in the way people live their lives, we must continue to be thankful and appreciate those who serve the country.

Life is priceless. As living creatures, we do whatever we can to safeguard it and keep our existences sheltered from any unseemly mishaps resulting in death or severe injury. Still, not everyone is blessed to fight and defend for some reason. Without people sacrificing themselves for our peace, there would be chaos because, as humans, some of us are not that confident and physically strong to shield ourselves. 

Truth be told, the purpose of the military is to protect the people and territory of the country from attacks.

Have you ever heard of a military challenge coin? If not, then proceed in the following sections to know more.


Military Coin Types


The available military coins are diverse enough to distinguish between them in terms of design and style. Each coin is made with a rare blend of metallic materials, color schemes, and graphic elements. Here are the types of military coins for you to know.


  • Army Challenge Coins
  • Air Force Coins
  • Coast Guard Coins
  • Marine Corps Coins
  • Navy Coins
  • Military Challenge Coins


Military Challenge Coins: What Are They?


Military coins each have their own story to share. Some coins represent the mutual trust that soldiers share, while others are earned through heroism and selflessness. Besides, custom coins are carried by marines and other military members as a symbol of individuality, honor, and a source of hope.

Today, coins are used as a symbol in almost every vocation. Still, nothing beats the classic military coins commemorating the courageous men and women who originated everything.




Military challenge coins are just tiny metal coins because of their size compared to others. They’re made out of metal, and each of them has a one-of-a-kind design that is relevant to the organization it embodies.

The organization’s symbol or markings is carved meaningfully into the coin. In addition, the catchphrase of the organization can be engraved around the coin’s edge. Given the coins’ unique design, they can have colored enamel decorated into the etching.




A military coin is typically 3 to 4 millimeters in thickness and 1.5 to 4 inches wide. In fact, it is more significant than a standard coin.

It should be noted, however, that the layouts and designs of military coins vary greatly. Some have unusual shapes, such as dog tags, armor, geometric shapes, or even bows and arrows. They are also frequently made of nickel, pewter, and copper.




Challenge coins are solid evidence that you are a part of a group or served on a specific combat tour in the armed services. They denote that you are a member of a small group of individuals.



Who Can Own a Military Challenge Coin?


Various traditional challenge coins reflect each subsidiary of the military. For beginners, military leaders could also have their own coins. In addition, commanding officers and the president of the country each have their own challenge coin.

Challenge coins have a unique ability to infuse dignity in their recipients. They can be used as medal alternatives and ribbons as a more casual form of gratitude. Giving military challenge coins has a long history of honoring service among military members and first rescue workers. Some companies have tried to implement them to increase motivation levels, while others use them for branding recognition.

It is possible to purchase challenge coins on online shops around your area, but doing so removes their context and thus their relevance. How challenge coins are distributed is an essential part of their history. Because challenge coins are an indirect prize, it is only natural that their acceptance reflects this.


Where Can You Get Military Challenge Coins Online?


Today, you can purchase a lot of stuff on the Internet. In addition, you can also pay for some services to help you with your daily chores.

If you’re looking for a military challenge coin, Police Brand is one of the most trusted online shops you can check. We offer various gifts that you might be interested in, so please do not hesitate to browse our website for unique gift ideas.

Aside from buying, those who want to recognize someone’s accomplishment or a special occasion can design their own challenge coins. In that way, it can be a great way to remember an event and connect everybody who was a part of it.

For your chosen orders and inquiries, please do not hesitate to message us right away! 

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