Do you have a loved one who has completed his training and is prepared to take up the mantle? If so, you should consider making him feel special. 

But do you need unique gift ideas for that occasion? If so, we can be your guide. Of course, there are specific ways to encourage or appreciate a new, serving, or retired police officer, and we will show you the path.

What makes police collectibles unique?

  • Police collectibles are to celebrate special achievements made by either an officer or a police department.
  • These collectibles look smart, giving a feeling of pride and confidence to the user.
  • They are durable and could become a family heritage.
  • Police collectibles are a sign of support and solidarity to the force.
  • Whenever you buy any of these products, you donate some money to the police survivors' concerns.
  • Police gift collectibles rekindle the officer’s passion for service.

List of police collectibles 

Now, you want to see the products in our store. Of course, there is no need to panic as we’re proud to showcase our excellent offers.

Police Collectibles – Flags

Thin Blue Line Wooden Flag

Undoubtedly, the thin blue line wood flag is our bestseller police collectibles. The personalization option, which allows you to engrave your name or badge number, makes it an excellent gift choice. 

That said, Police Brand handcrafts the wood flag to give it a special look. As expected, our wood flags have unique characteristics based on the production process. For example, each stripe is on a separate wood piece, precisely cut and charred, making it rustic. 

As the name implies, the thin blue line stands for the police officers who stake their lives to protect the good ones from criminals. Of course, your eyes will be drawn to this flag’s stunning look, especially the thin blue line in the middle. This unique line also reminds us of officers who fought for peace at the cost of their lives. 

Another exciting thing about this flag is the engraved stars. These 3D stars stand for everyone who believes in the greatness of America. Again, the stars make the flag more beautiful to the eyes, especially when hanging in a well-lit room. We recessed the union and raised the stars a bit to give the flag a unique dimension. 

Thin Blue Line Word Flag

Another excellent way to show your solidarity to law enforcement members is through the thin blue line word flag. A decent gift for any police officer because of those expressions. Besides showing support and love, these words renew the officer’s commitment to his protective task. The blue line across the center serves as a reminder of the officer’s sacrifice to ensure we live in a peaceful society.  

Police Collectibles – Challenge Coins

Currently, we have three challenge coin styles. Your officer’s department determines the perfect challenge coin to buy. For instance, we have the K9 Police Unit Challenge Coin for cops who serve there. Similarly, if you want to celebrate special achievements in the force for your friend or family, a thin blue line challenge coin is excellent. Still, looking for the right police officer challenge coins to buy? Look at the ones below:

Police Challenge Coin K9 Unit

This is the perfect police collectible for officers in the canine and K9 units. You can easily identify this K9 coin by the canine picture. Here, you see a growling who works tirelessly to keep the community safe. Like other challenge coins in our store, this one is made of different metals, which you can choose to suit the officer’s rank. Most importantly, you don’t need to break the bank to give the K9 coin to your favorite law enforcement agent.

Police Challenge Coin Bulldog

We needed a design that could easily identify with the police officer’s mindset at duty post, so we arrived at the bulldog challenge coin. This coin represents the cop’s thoughts when protecting the citizen from evil. Like the K9 challenge coin, this one also comes at an affordable price. So, you can start placing your orders now.

Police Challenge Coin Honorbound Protect and Serve

You can associate this collectible challenge coin with our Protect and Serve product categories. What sets the Honorbound coin apart is that it’s designed to honor the officers who’ve distinguished themselves in their service life. Remember, these gallant men and women build a strong wall against criminals to keep the good citizens from danger. It’s inspired by the American flag and the thin blue line concept. What’s more, the honorbound challenge coin is available in bronze and antique silver materials.

Police Collectible Badges

These are badges, but what makes them special is the ability to add your favorite officer’s name or department. If you want to show your support and respect to a law enforcement member or unit, the badges are perfect. 

Police Collectible Stickers

We can’t exhaust our list of police collectibles without drawing your attention to the stickers. Here at police brand, we have high-quality and well-designed stickers that every officer will cherish. One of the best things about these stickers is that they are pretty easy to use. For example, you can place them on your laptop, wall, vehicle, or wherever it comes to mind. Like other police collectibles we’ve listed, your reason for using stickers is to contribute your quota to law enforcement’s concerns. The following are the stickers to buy:

K9 Sticker

As mentioned in the challenge coin section, this sticker is part of our K9 unit series. Likewise, they are perfect for celebrating the K9 police unit members for their unreserved effort to keep society safe. Meanwhile, this decal is available in different sizes for your wall, electronic devices, or vehicle.

Bulldog Sticker

The bulldog sticker is excellent for people who have spent years in the service and deserve special honor. Meanwhile, the sticker is available in fabric, vinyl, nylon, etc. Most importantly, these stickers are among the cheapest police collectibles today.

If you’re looking for where to buy all types of police collectibles, the police brand is the place. We boast police stickers, badges, flags, gaiters, challenge coins, etc. Above all, our products have a good price to quality ratio. 

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