Challenge coins have been around for many years. They are designed for the military, law enforcement, and other public service organizations, but many people collect challenge coins as a hobby. If you want to collect the military challenge coins or police challenge coins as your new hobby here you will get tips on how to start collecting challenge coins, for that it is essential to do thorough research before you begin.

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get started with the challenge coin hobby.

collectible military coins, collectibles police coins

The origin of the challenge coins in the United States is debatable, but there are several stories about how the tradition of giving and receiving military coins started. Regardless of the questionable origin of the military challenge coins, these coins are highly regarded and well-respected in the military and civilians.

What Type of Challenge Coins Should You Collect?

There are many different types of challenge coins out there for hobbyists. The type of challenge coins that you should collect depends upon your personal preferences. The most popular types of collectible coins include military coins, challenge coins, police challenge coins, and law enforcement coins. Challenge coins hobbyists carry these coins to show their appreciation, support, and love for the military personnel and law enforcement servicemen and women who are currently serving, retired, or have fallen in the service line. You cannot only collect these military coins to build your fantastic collection, but you can also use them as a gift to show support to your friend who serves law enforcement. In other words, these challenge coins make a perfect gift option if you have any friends or family members who serve in the military or law enforcement.

Prepare Yourself for the New Hobby of Collecting Challenge Coins

Once you have made a decision about what type of challenge medallions you would like to collect, its time to make sure you are fully prepared to acquire your first collectible challenge coin. The first thing you can to do is check the available space in your home that you will be using to store or exhibit the coins. It is wise to have a dedicated space where you can put all your collectibles on display. You can have a glass storage cabinet, or a table or a shelf where you can have the display. The second important thing is to set a budget for the coins.

If you want to acquire rare challenge coins, it will be expensive. A more budget-friendly option is to buy these coins from trusted challenge coin stores. So, make sure to do your research about the stores you have picked out before you make your first purchase. In addition to these things, it is vital to know that it might be complicated to acquire rare coins, so be willing to look for alternatives.

Protecting Your Investments on Challenge Coins

Once you are fully prepared to start your hobby of collecting military or police challenge coins, it is essential to take important steps to protect your investments. When buying challenge coins, make sure they come with a guarantee. You are advised to steer clear of any dealer that does not offer any warranty against to cover your investment. Always check the quality of the military coins that you want to buy. There are various ways to check the quality, such as contacting the seller and inquiring about how they make the coins.

You can check the reviews about the dealer or coin manufacturer, and you can check if the manufacturer uses any chemicals to manufacture the police coins. It is strongly advised to buy only acid-free challenge coins for better archival life. If you are buying rare challenge coins, make sure you are buying from an authentic source. In most cases, word of mouth is an excellent way to find rare coins.  

Hunting for the Best Collectible Military and Police Coins

It depends upon what type of challenge coins you are looking to add to your collection. For the rare challenge unit coins, it is advised to look at the auction sites. However, check the authenticity of these auction sites and the auctioneer to make sure the challenge coins are not counterfeit. Many organizations manufacture and sell challenge coins to the civilians to raise funds to support the military and law enforcement, service members. For collectible challenge and police coins, you can start your search online. You can also get customized challenge coins that do not cost a fortune to get customized. At Police Brand, we are known to make only high-quality challenge coins. The following are some of our bestsellers challenge coins and police coins.

collectible military coins, collectibles police coins

Honorbound Protect and Serve Challenge Coin – This law enforcement coin is part of our Protect and Serve series. We have designed this series to pay homage to the fantastic protectors of citizens who serve in law enforcement.   

Police Bulldog Challenge Coin – This police coin is part of our Guardian Mindset series. It shows the attitude of a police officer when he or she is protecting a civilian during a dangerous situation. The Bulldog represents the guardian mindset and strength to protect the people from harm.

K9 Unit Police Challenge Coin – This K9 unit challenge coin has been designed to honor the canine and their handlers who served to protect the civilians. This law enforcement coin is part of our K9 Police Series.

It is important to note that all our challenges and police coins are made to last forever.  We don’t use harmful acids or chemicals to manufacture our coins. We also offer reasonable prices for all the intricate designs. You will also find many other types of military and police collectibles on our websites, such as police stickers, K9 stickers, and law enforcement stickers.

Ready to Collect Your First Coin Today?

The tips mentioned above should help you get started with the collectible military coins hobby. If you feel that you are ready to buy your first challenge coin, click here to check out our extensive collection of collectible military coins and police coins.

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