Are you considering becoming a part of the honorable tradition of giving and collecting challenge coins? If yes, then, we have crafted this beginner’s guide for you. This quick guide contains all the necessary information to assist the newbie challenge coins collectors and givers to learn about what it takes to be a real challenge coins collector. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the honorable world of military challenge coins.

What Are Challenge Coins?

In the history of military around the world, many different traditions have played a vital role in building camaraderie in the armies, but not all these traditions are as honorable as carrying military challenge coins. What Are Challenge Coins ? A challenge coin is a small piece of metal with a unique name, number, or message engraved in it that signifies military personnel or a member of a particular organization or group. These coins have been used as identity verification among the military service members. It is important to note that challenge coins are not the currency and cannot be used as a currency. Their primary purpose is to commemorate the current and fallen military service members.

When Did this Honorable Tradition to Give Challenge Coins Started?

There is no definitive information available on how and when the honorable tradition of giving challenge coins began. One of the earliest known instances of giving military coins dates back to Ancient Rome when the soldiers who performed well in the battle were recognized by giving them a metal coin along with his usual pay. The first official challenge coin in the history dates back to the WWI when one of the military officers distributed bronze medallions to his flying squadron to honor their service under his command in the WWI.

How Are Challenge Coins Used Today?

Today, challenge coins are used as tokens of respect and appreciation for top performance and also as collectibles. They are also used for administrator’s exchanges in businesses and the corporate world as business cards, autographs, or recognizing high achievers. These military challenge coins are used as an ID badge by soldiers to recognize their services in the military and to prove their association with a unique project or unit. Some organizations also use these coins to raise funds for the well-being of current and ex-military service members.
Since the former US president, Bill Clinton, every US president has had challenge coins. Since Dick Cheney, who was the vice president, every vice president has had these medallions.

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What Are the Different Types of Challenge Coins?

There are many different types of challenge coins out there, and more are added almost every day. Over the decades, military challenge coins have evolved from simple pieces of metal to intricate eye-catching designs and color variations. The sophisticated designs are the product of advanced manufacturing techniques, such as 2D and 3D imaging. Virtually every single element of a personalized challenge coin can be tailored according to the personal preferences. Some of the modern challenge coins feature numbers, photographic inserts, individual messages, vibrant colors, and specialty edging on both sides of the military coins.

Military Challenge Coins – Military is where the tradition of giving and receiving the challenge medallions started, and the custom is still widespread in the military.  

Navy Challenge Coins – these coins are available in unique designs, mostly different ships used in the Navy. The Navy coins are used on various occasions, such as the commissioning of a vessel, or change of command, and others.
Police Challenge Coins – these coins are used as both nor coins to commemorate the current and fallen law enforcement service members and also as police collectibles.  

Collectibles Challenge Coins – these coins do not need a handshake for giving and receiving. The collectible challenge coins can easily be acquired from any online challenge coin collectible store, from a physical collectible store, or a souvenir shop. Some organizations issue these coins for civilians to raise funds.

There are so many other types of challenge coins, but all of them serve a similar purpose. That purpose is to show support, gratitude, and respect to the military and law enforcement service members. Other types of challenges include sports challenge coins, firefighter coins, corporate coins, mason coins, and so forth.

Designing Your Own Challenge Coins Vs. Acquiring Designer Challenge Coins

It may be too tempting to start designing your challenge or military coins, but why designing your own when you can acquire the designer coins. Unless you have advanced designing skills and unlimited free time, creating your challenge coins may be a daunting endeavor, especially as a complete beginner. A better alternative to this is to have skilled designers design your custom challenge coins. Acquiring pre-designed will not only save you a lot of time and money, but also it will save you a lot of hassle that is associated with designing your custom coins. We have a wide variety of pre-designed challenge coins that you can customize. Our team of talented designers specializes in assisting our clients with their custom challenge coin preferences. We can help you with customizing pre-designed challenge coins to suit your specific preferences and needs.

Our High-Quality Challenge Coins Are Made to Last Forever

When it comes to finding the best place to buy the challenge coins, it is essential to choose the high-quality coins that will last for life. If you are ready to grab challenge coins for your collection of collectibles and give these coins away as a personal gift to the vet or military friends, we are here to help. At Police Brand, we take pride in manufacturing only the top-notch quality challenge coins that come in intricate designs and eye-catching variations to meet the specific needs and preferences of our valuable customers. Our extensive collection of challenge coins consists of military coins, police coins, K9 police coins, police stickers, and many others. Our collections of challenge and military coins re reasonably priced to suit all budgets.

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