Pennsylvania State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Pennsylvania Troopers & Sheriffs

Pennsylvania State (officially - The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) is situated in the Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. On December 12, 1787, Pennsylvania entered the union as 2nd of the 13 original founding American states of the United States. Pennsylvania ranks as the 33rd biggest state in terms of area, with the total land area of 46,055 square miles. It is estimated the 5th most populated State, according to the 2019 estimates of the U.S. Census Bureau, with a total population of 12.8 million approximately. The beautiful and historically rich city, Harrisburg, is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, which is also called as the city of brotherly love, is the largest city of Pennsylvania. "Keystone State" and "Quaker State" is the official nicknames of the Pennsylvania state. "Virtue, Liberty and Independence" is the official motto of the State. The economy of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is based on agriculture, livestock, banking, manufacturing, natural resources, film, broadcasting and telecommunications, gambling, administrative and support services, health care, construction services, and mining.

Fun Facts about Pennsylvania State

Here are some fun facts about Pennsylvania State.

  • Pennsylvania was the first State in the country to list its website URL on the license plate.
  • Hershey is an unincorporated community in Pennsylvania State, which is recognized as "the chocolate capital of America."
  • The liberty bell known as an iconic symbol of American Independence is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania state.
  • In December 1913, the United States' first automobile service station was established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • "Pennsylvania Packet" is the first daily newspaper in the United States. It was published in Philadelphia on September 21, 1784.
  • On July 1, 1874, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, became home to the first zoological garden in the United States.
  • Benjamin Franklin founded the country's first public library in November 1731, Philadelphia city, Pennsylvania.
  • Pennsylvania ranks as the top State for having more than 219 covered bridges in the United States.
  • In 1777, Betsy Ross sewed the first-ever American flag in Philadelphia city, Pennsylvania.
  • Bicycle Heaven Museum is recognized as the world's largest bicycle museum; this unique museum is located in Pittsburgh city, Pennsylvania.
  • According the report published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS), Pennsylvania State produces more mushrooms in the United States than any other state.
  • The Rockville Bridge is recognized as the longest stone arch bridge in the world. It is located in Harrisburg city, Pennsylvania.

 Pennsylvania police challenge coins

Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

The law enforcement departments across the State continue fighting against the crime at all levels through peace and public safety enforcement. These departments and their gallant deputy and sheriffs need our continuous support to make Pennsylvania a safer place to live for its citizens. The police departments are not only enforcing peace across the State but also supporting local communities in various ways. For example, whenever needed, the law enforcement agencies supplied additional police officers for community-oriented policing duties to ensure citizens' accessibility to law enforcement. For all these good reasons, it is essential to provide maximum support to the officers in blue. Some civilians' groups and institutions offer support to the officers and their families by investing in products that created in support of the officers in blue. Some other ways to show support is to wear blue color, such as blue police rings, apparels, and use police support stickers on vehicles—some local communities issue police challenge coins in honor of Sheriffs, deputy, and other officers.

Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Departments

According to the recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are one thousand one hundred and seventeen (1,117) law enforcement agencies serving in Pennsylvania. They are responsible for ensuring the law and order enforcement across the Pennsylvania state at all different levels. These law enforcement agencies are fulfilling their responsibilities with almost 27,413 trained and dutiful police officers.

Pennsylvania Law & Peace Enforcement Agencies

The goal of Pennsylvania law enforcement departments is to make the State a safe place for its citizens. Some of the best-known agencies working in Pennsylvania State, include Pennsylvania Capitol Police, Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Pennsylvania Attorney General, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole.

Pennsylvania State Police: This department was established in 1905, and it is a primary law and peace enforcement agency for the State of Pennsylvania. It is a full-service agency, which enforces both the criminal and traffic laws across the State.

Pennsylvania County Sheriff's Offices

Many county law enforcement agencies are serving in Pennsylvania State. A few of the best include Allegheny County Sheriff's Office, Allegheny County Police Department, Bedford County Sheriff's Office, Bucks County Sheriff's Office, Delaware County Courthouse and Park Police Department, Lawrence County Sheriff's Office, Lycoming County Sheriff's Office, Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, Philadelphia County Sheriff's Office, Union County Sheriff's Office, Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office, York County Sheriff's Office, etc.

Pennsylvania Municipal, City and Township Police Departments

There are a lot of municipal police departments operating in Pennsylvania. Some of the most prominent ones are Abington Township Police Department, Altoona Police Department, Athens Township Police Department, Bell Acres Police Department, Bethlehem Police Department, Blairsville Police Department, Blairsville Police Department, Brookville Borough Police Department, Camp Hill Police Department, Catawissa Borough Police Department, Charleroi Regional Police Department, Cheltenham Township Police Department, Darlington Township Police Department, Dublin Borough Police Department, Dublin Borough Police Department, and many others.

Philadelphia Police Department: It is also known as Philly PD. This department is the primary peace enforcement department for the city of Philadelphia. It is the fourth largest police department and the sixth-largest non-federal peace enforcement police agency in the country. Since 1828, Philly PD has lost 289 sworn police officers in the line of duty.

Harrisburg Department of Public Safety: This department is the primary police department responsible for protecting and serving the city of Harrisburg. It was formed in 1898 and currently operating with 175 sworn peace enforcement officers. This department has several units, such as foot patrol, motor patrol, and others. Since its inception, seven sworn police officers have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety: The department was formed in 1857 to protect the city of Pittsburgh, PA, and it is officially known as the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. This department has several units, such as the investigations unit and administration unit.

McKeesport Police Department: It is also known as the McKeesport Police. It is the primary peace enforcement department serving McKeesport, PA, with its 50 officers. The department has two bureaus, which include the patrol bureau and the detective bureau.

Pennsylvania Regional Police Agencies

Some of the remarkable regional police agencies include Central Bucks County Regional Police Department, Eastern Adams Regional Police Department, Mifflin County Regional Police Department, Northwest Regional Police Department, Pennridge Regional Police Department, Susquehanna Regional Police Department, Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department, Westtown East Goshen Regional Police Department, York Area Regional Police Department, etc.

Back the Blue with Police Support Collectibles

The thin blue line shows the critical role of the officers in blue in maintaining peace across the State during tough times. It is essential to back the men and women in blue because they face danger to protect us. There are various good ways how you can back the blue. For example, you can wear blue police rings that will show your support to these brave officers. Another thing you can do is carry or collect police challenge coins to express your maximum comfort to the law enforcement heroes. Police support collectibles are easy to get a hold of and come in great variety to meet different supporters' requirements.

Customized Pennsylvania Police Challenge Coins

Customized challenge coins can be personalized with details, such as name, badge number, police unit name, or number, or any other information that can easily fit the challenge coin. Many civilian institutions and law enforcement agencies issue customized challenge coins to show solidarity with the brave men and women in blue. Police supporters customized challenge coins since they can express their love for the peace officers uniquely.

Collectible Pennsylvania Police Challenge Coins

The collectibles Pennsylvania police coins are quite popular among challenge coin collectors and police officers. They are also part of the collections of many law enforcement museums. These coins are considered highly valuable because they are associated with a well-respected tradition of honoring officers within different types of peace and law enforcement agencies. It is because of this fact these challenge coins have become popular among civilians and police supporters. Many departments and agencies also issue their official police challenge coins for the public. These collectible challenge coins can be obtained from the official websites of these agencies.

Get Pennsylvania Police Challenge Coins

Police Brand is known to manufacture the highest quality police challenge coins in unique designs and eye-catching details. We also offer other police support collectibles, such as police rings (thin blue line), customized police badge, wall decals, police stickers, and so forth. Our collection is available at a reasonable price to suit all different types of law enforcement supporters. Click here to explore our fantastic police support collectibles.

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