Missouri State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Missouri Police Officers

Missouri resides in the Midwestern region of the United States, ranking 21st largest by land area and 18th most populous State in the country. Missouri is well-known for its beer brewing, and mixed culture from the Midwestern and Southern regions of the country. Missouri is home to many famous personalities, such as Mark Twain, Nelly, Harry S, Truman, Brad Pitt, and many others. Missouri has several world-famous tourist destinations, such as Table Rock Lake, Lake of the Ozarks, and others. The Mother of the West is well-protected and well-served by its brave law enforcement officers.

Fun Facts About Missouri State

Here are some fun facts about Missouri State.

  • Missouri has several exciting names, such as the Mother of the West, Show Me State, and Cave State.
  • The world’s first successful parachute jump was made in Missouri by Captain Berry in 1912. 
  • Missouri is the birthplace of iced tea that was invented by Richard Blechyden in 1904.
  • Missouri is also the birthplace for the ice cream cone, which was invented in 1904. 
  • Mule is the state animal in Missouri. 
  • Lamar, Missouri is the birthplace of President Harry S. Truman.
  • Missouri got its name from a tribe known as Missouri Indians.
  • In 1865, Missouri became the first state in the country to free its slaves.
  • Soybean is a major cash-generating crop of Missouri.

Missouri Police Challenge Coins

Missouri Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Missouri is well-protected and well-served by many law enforcement agencies. The agencies work tirelessly to support local communities. In Missouri, law enforcement runs several public awareness programs, such as the negative impact of drugs and alcohol, driving and vehicle safety programs, and many others. The brave police officers in Missouri have been serving day and night, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Missouri state law enforcement agencies pay homage to police officers and outstanding civilians who perform heroic acts for public safety. To do so, these agencies use Honor Medals, Police Challenge Coins, and Special Achievement Awards, which may vary from one department to another. Overall, law enforcement agencies have a significant role in maintaining peace across the Missouri state.

Missouri Law Enforcement Agencies

Several federal, State, and county level law enforcement agencies are serving across the Missouri state. They collaborate with each so the citizens can live peacefully in their homes. Five hundred sixty-seven law enforcement agencies in Missouri employ 14, 554 sworn uniformed and civilian police officers. There is a robust training program to train the current and future police officers so that they can provide the best policing services.

Missouri State Law Enforcement Agencies

Several state law enforcement agencies are tirelessly serving in Missouri. Some of the most prominent ones include the Missouri Department of Corrections, Missouri Public Safety, Missouri State Capitol Police, Missouri Highway Patrol, and many others.

Missouri Highway Patrol

This department was established in 1931, and it has jurisdiction across Missouri. In 1992, this department became accredited with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), making it the 10th state police department to receive accreditation. This department is a division of the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

Missouri County Law Enforcement Agencies

Several County Sheriff’s departments are serving and protecting the citizens of Missouri. Some of the most prominent ones include Barton County Sheriff’s Office, Boone County Sheriff’s Office, Saint Charles County Sheriff’s Office, St. Charles City County Sheriff’s Office, and Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Missouri City Law Enforcement Agencies

Several city law enforcement agencies are striving to maintain peace in the cities across the State of Missouri. A few of the most notable include Independence Police Department, Kansas City Police Department, Kirkland Police Department, St. Louis Police Department, Columbia Police Department, and many others.

Supporting the Missouri Law Enforcement Agencies

There are various practical and popular ways to support Missouri law enforcement agencies. The support is shown on an individual and institutional basis. In other words, civilians can show support to police officers. Likewise, local communities and law enforcement agencies show support and respect to other law enforcement agencies in Missouri. Individuals usually use thank you notes or police support bumper stickers to show respect and appreciation to the police officers. Law enforcement agencies issue high achievement awards, organize appreciation events, and issue police challenge coins.

Customized Missouri State Police Challenge Coins

Customized police challenge coins are equally popular among the police departments, local communities, and police officers. These challenge coins can be customized with various specifications, such as a particular color, an image, or text. If you feel grateful for the police officers' selfless services, and you want to express your gratitude, a customized police challenge coin is a perfect way to do so. It is advised to do thorough research before you place your order for police coin customization. Carefully go through the local laws and challenge coin customization specifications to ensure your coin will not violate the local laws.

Missouri Collectible Police Challenge Coins

Collectible police coins are trendy and well-respected among coin collectors and police officers. You can use these challenge coins to enhance your police memorabilia collection. You can also use these coins as gifts for your law enforcement friends. You can also get various other police collectibles, such as police stickers, badges, patches, etc. Click here to see what type of collectible challenge coins you can purchase for yourself or a law enforcement friend.

Get Missouri Police Challenge Coins        

Missouri police challenge coins serve the particular purpose, which is to pay homage to the police officers who face danger to protect and serve the Missouri citizens. At Police Brand, we take pride in using cutting-edge technology to design and manufacture only the premium quality police challenge coins. Our designs are unique and pride-inducing. We have a wide range of other police collectibles, such as police support stickers, wall decals, wrist bands, etc. Click here to check our exciting Missouri police challenge coin collection.


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