Mississippi State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Mississippi Police Officers

Mississippi resides in the Deep Southern region of the United States, ranking 32nd largest and 34th most populous State in the country. Mississippi is home to many notable events that occurred during the American Civil Rights Movement. The State consists of low hills and lowland plains.

Fun Facts About Mississippi State

Here are some fun facts about Mississippi State.

  • The first human lung transplant was done in the University of Mississippi Medical center in 1963.
  • The first human heart transplant was also performed in Mississippi in 1964 by Dr. James D. Hardy.
  • Mississippi is home to the world’s biggest shrimp which is on display at the Old Spanish Fort Museum.
  • Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis Presley.
  • Edwards, Mississippi is world’s largest cactus plantation.
  • The Order of the Eastern Star was born in Mississippi.
  • Mississippi is also home to the world’s largest cottonwood tree plantation.

Mississippi state police challenge coins

Mississippi Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Mississippi’s police agencies are working tirelessly to cultivate strong relationships with the local communities. The law enforcement departments and agencies support local communities by introducing new programs to educate the citizens on dangers of the use of drugs and other alcohol substances. These agencies also play critical role in reducing the crime activities across the Mississippi. They commemorate the notable law enforcement officers, outstanding civilians and other police officers who protect and serve the communities. The commemoration is done by giving several awards, honors and medals. Some agencies also issue their exclusive police challenge coins or other collectibles to show respect and appreciation to the police officers.

Mississippi Law Enforcement Agencies

There are 342 law enforcement agencies protecting and serving in Mississippi that employ 7,707 sworn uniformed and civilian police officers. These agencies are serving with jurisdiction in different counties, cities and townships across the State. The primary responsibilities of these agencies is to protect and serve the citizens of Mississippi.

Mississippi State Law Enforcement Agencies

Several state law enforcement agencies are currently active in across Mississippi. Some of the most notable ones include Mississippi Department of Corrections, Mississippi Highway Patrol, and many others.

Mississippi Highway Patrol

This department as established in 1938 with the primary responsibility of enforcing traffic laws on the Mississippi state and federal highways. The Mississippi Highway patrol has jurisdiction across the State, and it is acting as the state police department of Mississippi.

Mississippi County Law Enforcement Agencies

Several County Sheriff’s departments are serving in Mississippi. Some of the most prominent ones include Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office, Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office, Madison County Sheriff’s Office, and Hinds County Sheriff’s Office.

Mississippi City Law Enforcement Agencies

Several city law enforcement agencies are serving across the State of Mississippi. A few of the most notable include Aberdeen Police Department, Jackson Police Department, West Point Police Department, Walnut Grove Police Department, and many others.

Supporting the Mississippi Law Enforcement Agencies

Mississippi law enforcement agencies are protecting and serving the citizens of Mississippi with bravery and passion to serve the humanity. The brave Mississippi men and women in blue are our heroes and we should show our support to them. It is a great way to encourage them to continue be our protectors who would protect us from all dangers. If you are thinking about what some ways are you can show your support, you are in luck, since you can do so many things for these heroes. First, begin with writing a thank you note or an appreciation letter to one police officer a week or a month. You can add any small keepsake to your appreciation letter to show your gratitude. The keepsake can be police challenge coin that you can customize with the police officer’s name or any other collectible. You can do the same thing for a friend or loved one serving in the law enforcement.

Customized Mississippi State Police Challenge Coins

 Getting customized police challenge coins and other keepsakes has never been as easy as it is these days. Thanks to the modern technology and advanced manufacturing procedures. You can get your customized police challenge coin in as little as just few days. Customized Mississippi state police challenge coins are popular among both the police coin collectors and hobbyists. These challenge coins are also popular among civilians who like unique gifts for their loved ones serving in law enforcement. The beauty of customized law enforcement is that you can customize these with any details you would like, such as names, quotes, prayers, and images.

Mississippi Collectible Police Challenge Coins

Mississippi collectible police coins are readily available online and various offline vendors. The best way to find the collectible police coins is to decide what type of challenge coins you want, then search for these coins online. Collectible challenge coins can also be customized depending upon your needs. For example, if you are looking for a masterpiece for your challenge coin collection, you can get customized collectible police coins. There are many other types of police collectibles that you can get, such as patches, apparel, badges and so on. Before you get these collectibles, it is vital to check what the local police laws say about collecting some collectibles, such as patches. In some states, police stickers with unit insignia or exclusive texts are strictly prohibited. That said, you can use police support stickers that don’t look like official police department insignia or logo, such as these police stickers.

Get Mississippi Police Challenge Coins        

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