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Iowa is in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is ranked the 30th most populous state in the country, while it is ranked number 26 in terms of the land area. It is one of the safest states to live in the country, thanks to the Iowa law enforcement agencies to maintain the lower crime rate. There is a lot of interesting to do in this state, but its cornfields and hogs are popular.

Fun Facts About Iowa

Here are some fun facts about Iowa state:

  • There are seven-time more hogs in Iowa than people.
  • The population of hogs in Iowa is more than the number of people living in New York state.
  • Iowa produces more corn in the country than other states and even some countries, such as Mexico.
  • Iowa is home to the town of Fort Atkinson that was constructed by the U.S. government to protect one Indian tribe from another.
  • Iowa is home to the oldest land grant college in the United States.
  • Iowa generates more than 25% of its electricity from wind power.
  • The largest glacier-made lake, the Spirit Lake, is located in Iowa.

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Iowa’s Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Law enforcement agencies have a significant role in making Iowa state is one of the safest states to live. A good number of federal, state, and county-level law enforcement agencies are actively ensuring public safety in Iowa. These agencies also support local communities by participating in events organized by the local communities or by supporting the causes that are raised by the communities. These law enforcement agencies deserve our continued support so they can continue to offer impeccable law enforcement services.

If you are thinking about doing something special to show that you stand by the law enforcement agencies of Iowa, there are various simple yet powerful things that you can do. For example, you can write thank you notes to the police officers and let them know how much you appreciate their effort. Another simple yet powerful way to show your support is to get Iowa state police challenge coins. You can give these challenge coins to someone w is serving in law enforcement. It is considered an honor to give and receive these police challenge coins among law enforcement communities.

Iowa Law Enforcement Agencies

392 law enforcement agencies in Iowa state are ensuring public safety and constitutional right protection. These agencies employ 5,830 sworn police officers that work tirelessly to preserve peace throughout the state.

Iowa Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

There are three big federal law enforcement agencies in Iowa: Office of the United States Marshal for the Northern District of Iowa, and the Southern District of Iowa, and Department of Veterans Affairs. The federal law enforcement departments work in collaboration with the state agencies in Iowa o ensure public safety.

Iowa State Law Enforcement Agencies

Iowa State has some of the best state law enforcement agencies. These include the Iowa Department of Corrections, Iowa Department of Public Safety and Iowa State Patrol, and others.

Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS)

The Iowa Department of Public Safety, headquartered in Des Moines, is divided into several divisions. These divisions include Iowa State Patrol, Division of Criminal Investigation, Division of Narcotics Enforcement, State Fire Marshal, and Administrative Services. The DPS is serving tirelessly to reduce preventable injuries and deaths, reduce criminal activity throughout the state, and promote integrity and excellence in its workforce.

Iowa State Patrol (ISP)

The ISP is serving as an independent division of the DSP. Since 1935, the ISP has lost ten state troopers while on duty. The state troopers are responsible for patrolling the roadways in Iowa state. The primary responsibilities include enforcing traffic laws and regulations and assisting with incidents, such as accidents, riots, prison disturbances, and so on.

Iowa County Law Enforcement Agencies

Several county law enforcement agencies are actively serving in different counties across the Iowa state. These include Buena vista County Sheriff’s Office, Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office, Story County Sheriff’s Office, Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office, and others.

Iowa Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies

A good number of municipal law enforcement agencies are working in Iowa. A few of the most prominent agencies include the Iowa City Police Department, Cedar Rapids Police Department, Strom Lake Police Department, and many others.

Supporting the Iowa Law Enforcement Agency

Iowa law enforcement agencies have been proactive to curb the crime rate across the state. The sworn police officers are working day and night to make sure the citizens can live without fear and feel secure in their properties. There are various good ways to show your appreciation to law enforcement officers, such as writing a thank you note, sending a collectible police challenge coin, or putting a police sticker on your vehicle. The law enforcement agencies also support their officers and other service members by organizing special events and awarding police challenge coins on special occasions with the police unit logo or symbol etched in them. These Iowa police challenge coins are issued strictly to honor the police officers who are veterans or currently serving in a department or for a critical mission.

Customized Iowa State Police Challenge Coins

Customized Iowa state police challenge coins are for those looking for a unique gift for their law enforcement friend or a police officer. These customized challenge coins can be customized with badge numbers, dates, mission or police department name and the receiver’s name.

Iowa State Collectible Police Challenge Coins

If you like to collect challenge coins, Iowa state police challenge coins will be a perfect addition to your memorabilia collection. They are available in vibrant colors, unique designs, and different metals. Collectible police challenge coins are easier to acquire since there is no special permission required to buy or collect these challenge coins.

Get Iowa Police Challenge Coins

Have you made up your mind about showing your support to the Iowa police agencies? Click here to check our beautiful police challenge coins that you can use to show support to Iowa police officers.

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