Indiana State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Indiana Law Enforcement Officers

Indiana is located in North America’s Midwestern and the Great lakes regions. The state is ranked 38th largest by land area and the 17th most populated in the country. Before acquiring the status of a territory, Indiana was inhabited by numerous indigenous people for thousands of years. Indiana enjoys being a state with a diverse economy with its industrial cities and metropolitan areas. There are many good things to do in Indiana, especially for sports enthusiasts since Indiana is home to several professional sports teams. 


Fun Facts About Indiana 


Here are some fun facts about Indiana state:


  • Santa Claus, Indiana, gets more letters than the North Pole, estimating over one half a million messages each year around Christmas, and each of these letters receives a reply. 
  • Indiana is the birthplace of baseball, which happened in Fort Wayne. The first professional baseball game occurred in 1871.
  • Elvis Presley had his last concert in Indiana in the Market Square Arena in 1977.
  • 90% of the world’s total popcorn comes from Indiana. 
  • Jim Davis, who is the creator of the famous cartoon cat Garfield is from Marion, Indiana. 
  • Historic Parke County, Indiana, has 32 covered bridges, which is more than any other place in the world. It is due to this fact Indiana is known as the Covered Bridge Capital of the World. 
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the birthplace of the first real gasoline pump in the world.

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Indiana’s Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety


The role of Indiana law enforcement agencies in preserving peace and reducing crime rate across the state have been significant. Indiana has several state and county law enforcement agencies that have been actively working to ensure the citizens are safe and secure. These law enforcement agencies have also played a substantial role in protecting the constitutional rights of the public and enforcing state laws. To recognize the impeccable police services offered by the fallen and the active law enforcement officers, Indiana law enforcement agencies do several things. For example, these agencies issue special achievement awards, give out customized Indiana state police challenge coins, and organize “Thank you” events. The law enforcement agencies not only offer high-standard law enforcement services but also actively support local communities. 


Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies 


482 law enforcement agencies have been actively offering highly specialized law enforcement services across the state of Indiana. There are 13, 171 sworn police officers working in different departments and divisions throughout the state to ensure public safety. The law enforcement agencies are divided based upon the three-tiered system as instituted by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (ILETB). 


Indiana State Law Enforcement Agencies


The Tier I state agencies in Indiana include the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division, Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Indiana State Excise Police, Indiana State Police, and others. These law enforcement agencies have a significant role in preserving the peace for the citizens of Indiana. The Department of Correction is a well-regarded Tier II state law enforcement agency in Indiana. Indiana Attorney General’s Office Medicaid Fraud Unit and Indiana Secretary of State Securities Enforcement Division are the two Tier III state law enforcement agencies.


Indiana State Police (ISP)


The ISP, headquartered in Indianapolis, has the statewide jurisdiction to enforce state laws and ensure public safety. It is also one of the states in the country that offer protection to its citizens with the state police department. 44 Indiana State Police troopers and three civilian employees have lost their lives in the line of duty while protecting civilians' safety. The ISP was the first law enforcement agency in the North American region of the country that authorized the use of drunk-o-meter. The modern-day drunk-o-meter, called the Breathalyzer, was invented by Captain Robert F. Borkenstein of the ISP in collaboration with Dr. Harger. Breathalyzer's use is widespread in the country as an essential device to keep the drunk drivers off the road by assessing the intoxication of the drunk drivers.  


Indiana County Law Enforcement Agencies


The county law enforcement agencies in Indiana are also ranked or divided based upon the tiered system. The Tier I County Sheriff Agencies in Indiana include Adamas County Sheriff’s Office, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, and others. 


Indiana Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies (ILETB)


As instituted by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (ILETB), the Municipal police department and Town Marshal Agencies in Indiana are also divided by the tiered system. The most notable municipal and town marshal agencies include Beech Grove Police Department, Huntington Police department, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Carmel police department, and many others. 


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD)


One of the most prominent police departments in Indiana is the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), which is responsible for preserving peace and ensure public safety in the city of Indianapolis. The department has law enforcement jurisdiction throughout the Indianapolis and Marion county. The IMPD is divided into divisions based upon the districts they are serving. It also has unique units and criminal investigations, such as the aviation section, Ranger unit, SWAT, Canine section (or K9 unit), and others. As of June 2020, four police officers of the IMPD have lost their lives while on duty. The IMPD recognizes its best performers high-achievers, and members of special groups by issuing customized IMPD police challenge coins. 


Supporting the Indiana Law Enforcement Agency


Indiana law enforcement agencies have been working hard to ensure public safety throughout the state by reducing the crime rate in preserving peace. These agencies and the thorn police officers deserve our continued support and appreciation. As a responsible citizen of Indiana, it is our responsibility to make sure our police officers get or support these brave men and women to continue to ensure public safety. There are several good ways to help police officers, such as writing thank-you notes, buying police challenge coins, and organizing appreciation events. On the individual level, giving police challenge coins or ending thank you notes are the best options to show your appreciation to the officers. 


Customized Indiana State Police Challenge Coins


Indiana law enforcement agencies recognize their police officers with uniquely designed police challenge coins crafted for special police units or groups that worked on a critical mission. The department head or assigned individuals design the police challenge coins. It is highly respected to receive a police challenge coin. The same tradition is popular in civilians’ groups that support law enforcement in Indiana. If you want to feel part of a police unit, you can get customized police challenge coins that have your name etched in it.  


The challenge coins can be customized with the police unit logo or insignia, or badge number, and your name. Some police challenge coins can be customized with a unique quote representing the significant role of the police in the community. Personalized police challenge coins also make unique gifts for police officers or a loved one who is a die-hard supporter of law enforcement agencies. Other than the challenge coins, several other police collectibles can be customized, such as police badges, t-shirts, and wall decals. Click here to check Police Brand’s Wooden Thin Blue Line Badge that can be customized with your badge number and name. 


Indiana State Collectible Police Challenge Coins


Collectible police challenge coins are designed for challenge coin enthusiasts who like to collect different types of challenge coins. There are a plethora of collectible police challenge coins, such as department-specific challenge coins, state police challenge coins, federal police and military police challenge, historical challenge coins, and so on. There are also police stickers or collectible badges that go along with the challenge coins for the memorabilia collections. Like customized Indiana state police challenge coins, collectible coins also make a perfect gift option. If you are looking to start an array of rare historical police challenge coins, it would be wise to look for trusted sellers. 


The Indiana law enforcement agencies also issue the challenge coins for the public to raise donations for the law enforcement agencies and officers. This is an excellent way to get your hands on some of the best collectible challenge coins. However, it is essential to note that if you are on a budget, it may not be the best option to get challenge coins. These challenge coins tend to cost a little more than the collectible challenge coins that you can get from any other source, such as Police Brand. 


Get Indiana Police Challenge Coins


Getting Indiana police challenge coins is easier since all you need to do is look at our extensive collection of uniquely designed challenge coins and pick one. Our talented challenge coin designers did a lot of research to create the best designs that our customers love. We also a comprehensive collection of police stickers, wooden badge, thin blue line coins and badges, and wall decals. Click here to check our full police challenge coins collection. 

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