Hawaii State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Hawaii Law Enforcement Officers

Hawaii is situated in the Pacific Ocean, and it is the only US state located outside North America. It also enjoys being the only island state of the United States. The state consists of eight islands, and Hawaii is the largest island. The state is also known as the Big Island or Hawaii Island. It is ranked 8th smallest state geographically and even the 11th least populated (but 13th most densely populated) state in the country.  


Fun Facts About Hawaii 


Here are some fun facts about Hawaii state:

  • There are eight major islands in Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island (aka Big Island), Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe. Hawaii consist of 137 islands inclusive of the eight major islands, atolls, islets, and reefs. The reason why Hawaii is called Hawaii is that it is the largest island among all the eight islands. 
  • Hawaii enjoys 10 of the 14 climate zones found in the world. The diverse climate makes it an ideal tourist destination. 
  • It is the most isolated island in the world. Its unique geographical location gives it unique flora and fauna. 
  • Hawaii is growing approximately 42 acres each year. This growth is because of the Kilauea Volcano. 
  • Hawaii is home to the largest pineapple maze in the world. It is called the Dole Plantation and located in Oahu.
  • In 2015, Hawaii banned the plastic bags, becoming the first US state to ban plastic bags in stores.    Hawaii police challenge coins, collectible police coins


Hawaii’s Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety


Hawaii is one of the most popular and visited tourist attractions in the United States. It attracted more than 10 million visitors in 2019. The high amount of tourist traffic makes law enforcement agencies’ role in ensuring public safety even more important. Hawaii law enforcement takes all necessary measures to ensure the residents and visitors are safe on the island. Some good Hawaii police officers lost their lives in the line of duty. It is evidence of how seriously law enforcement officers are about public safety. These officers will not hesitate to put their lives in danger to protect the citizens. The law enforcement agencies recognize the officers with achievement awards, and Hawaii police challenge coins. These awards and challenge coins are a way to acknowledge their efforts and sacrifices. 


Hawaii Law Enforcement Agencies 


There are 7 law enforcement agencies actively working to ensure law enforcement and public safety across the state. These agencies have 3,234 sworn police officers for the protection of the citizens and the tourists. 


Hawaii State Law Enforcement Agencies


Hawaii state law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly for the protection of local communities. The most notable state agencies in Hawaii are the Hawaii Department of Conversation and Resource Enforcement, the Hawaii Department of Public Safety, the Hawaii Department of Transportation Harbor Police, and others. All these different departments work in close collaboration with each other to ensure enforcement of Hawaii laws. They also work together to protect the constitutional rights of the public. To pay homage to the fallen and the active police officers, Hawaii police challenge coins and appreciation awards are used. It is the only state in the United States that does not have a state police agency. 


Hawaii County Agencies


There are three county police agencies In Hawaii: Hawai’i County Police Department, Kaua’i County Police Department, and Maui County Police Department. 


Hawaii County Police Department – this department offers impeccable police services to the Big Island. The department is working with the highest code of ethics, which aims to protect the citizens, reduce the crime rate, and maintain law & order. 


Kauai County Police Department - it is responsible for providing public safety for a population of 72,133 people on the island of Kauai. The sworn police officers are working day and night to enforce the county laws and to protect the civilians from danger.


Maui County Police Department – it is offering police services to Maui County. This department has gone through many changes since its inception in 1905, but the standard of service has only gone up. 


Honolulu City Police (HPD) – it is the principal police department actively enforcing Honolulu city laws across the city and the county of Honolulu. Hawaii, unlike 49 US states, does not have a state police department. It is because of this fact the individual county governments have the law enforcement jurisdiction. Due to its best performance, the HPD received the CALEA TRI-ARC Excellent Award in 2006 from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. 49 HPD brave police officers have been killed in the line of duty since the inception of the HPD. These fallen heroes are now part of the HPD “Roll of Honor” list. 


Since there is no state police department in Hawaii, which makes the Sheriffs of Honolulu unique and famous, it is because if this fact the HPD’s Sheriff has featured in popular culture. For example, Charlie Chan is one of the most famous fictional literacy characters (detectives) that is associated with HPD. This character is inspired by the real-life of HPD vice detective Chang Apana. 


Hawaii Department of Public Safety


The Hawaii Department of Public Safety is tirelessly serving the community to uphold justice and public safety by offering law enforcement services with integrity, fairness, and professionalism. The Hawaii DPS is divided into three main divisions: Administration, Corrections, and Law Enforcement. These divisions work in collaboration to ensure the highest standard of law enforcement services available to the communities. 


Supporting the Hawaii Law Enforcement Agency


The role of Hawaii law enforcement agencies and their officers in preserving peace, reduction in crime rate, and enforcing the state laws is significant. There are many good reasons why the public should support these law enforcement agencies. Not only that, the Hawaii law enforcement officers protect the communities, but also, they give back to the community by supporting the local communities for different causes. As a citizen of the state of Hawaii, an excellent way to show your continuous support and appreciation to these brave officers is to get a Hawaii police challenge coins. 


Customized Hawaii State Police Challenge Coins


The custom of giving and receiving Hawaii police challenge coins is popular and well-regarded among the law enforcement department and officers. This custom has also penetrated the groups of law enforcement supporters and emerged as a popular hobby. The police challenge coins hobbyists are always hunting for the best police collectibles that they can add to their collection. There are different types of Hawaii police coins, but the customized police challenge coins are the most loved ones. The reason why the hobbyists love customized law enforcement challenge coins is that they can be customized according to the unique preferences of the hobbyists. Police officers also like to collect customized police coins since they can customize these challenge coins with their name, police unit, division, department, or badge number. 


These customized challenge coins can also be personalized for a special mission or event. Hawaii law enforcement agencies design their police challenge coins to recognize the best performances or to grant the membership to its officers to an individual or secret group. In the same way, hobbyists can design their law enforcement challenge coins based upon what they would like to have. For example, you can have your name or your favorite Hawaii police agency’s insignia with your name to add a personal touch to the challenge coin. If you are thinking of doing something special for your law enforcement friend or family member, customized challenge coins make a perfect gift for any occasion. You can effortlessly acquire these challenge coins and make your friend feel special. 



Hawaii State Collectible Police Challenge Coins


There are a plethora of Hawaii state collectible police challenge coins out there to choose from. The Hawaii Sheriff’s challenge coins are among the most popular ones. It is because the Sheriff Division is equivalent to the state police department in Hawaii. 


If you want to get Hawaii state collectible police challenge coins, it is essential to decide what type of police collectibles you would like to have. If you're going to get the rare challenge coins that were issued by the HPD, it is advised to find a reliable seller. But, if you are interested in getting modern Hawaii police challenge coins, check out special series. 


Get Hawaii Police Challenge Coins


We have Guardian Mindset series that commemorate the brave police officers who strive to preserve peace in their communities with the mindset of a guardian. Our talented team of challenge coin designers makes sure the designs are unique to suit all types of customers. We have the highest manufacturing standards and procedures to manufacture the challenge coins that will last forever. We also offer customized wooden badges that you can customize with your name, police unit name, badge number, or a favorite quote. To check our full collection of unique police challenge coins, click here

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