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Georgia is the Southeastern and the 8th most populous state in the United States. Georgia has diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna. Blue Ridge mountains are situated in the northernmost part of the state. These mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountain system.


Fun Facts About Georgia 


Here are some fun facts about Georgia state:

  • It is the largest state on the eastern side of the Mississippi River.
  • There are 159 counties in this state, which is more than any other country on the east side of Mississippi. 
  • Georgia is home to 350 species of birds.
  • The oldest state park in the country is located in Georgia. 
  • In 1945, Georgia was the first state in the country to lower the legal voting age from 21 to 18. 
  • In 1776, Georgia was the 4th state to join the Union and the 5th state to join the Confederacy in 1861.

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Georgia’s Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety


Georgia has several w enforcement agencies who have played a vital role in ensuring public safety and peace across the state. The Georgia law enforcement agencies work in collaboration with each other to ensure the citizens are getting the maximum protection. These law enforcement agencies also support local communities by participating in different events that are organized by the communities. The primary responsibility of Georgia law enforcement agencies is to ensure the citizens are safe and criminals are behind bars. Law enforcement in Georgia is working tirelessly to maintain a low crime rate. Georgia law enforcement agencies issue police challenge coins to honor the dedication of those police officers who protect and serve the communities. 


Georgia Law Enforcement Agencies 


There are 628 law enforcement agencies in the state Georgia with over 26, 551 sworn police officers who are serving and protecting their community across the state. Many police officers have lost their lives in the line of duty while protecting the citizens from danger. To recognize the significant loss, Georgia law enforcement agencies give special awards, organize appreciation and thank you events, and issue police challenge coins to the active police officers and the family of fallen officers.


Georgia State Law Enforcement Agencies


There are several state law enforcement agencies In Georgia. Some of the most notable ones include the Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS), Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Georgia Department of Public Safety, and many others. The primary responsibility of all these departments is to reduce the crime rate and ensure civilians’ security. 


Georgia County Marshal Agencies


Some county marshal agencies in Georgia are serving in different counties. Some of the most prominent ones include DeKalb County Marshal Office, Cherokee County Marshal’s Office, and Fayette County Marshal Office, and so on. 


Georgia County Sheriff Agencies


Georgia has the most significant number of counties than any other state in the east, Mississippi. These counties have County Sheriff Agencies, which are sworn police officers who serve and protect the citizens. Some of the most prominent Georgia County Sheriff Agencies include Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, Rabun County Sheriff’s Office, and so on. 


Georgia County Police Agencies


Georgia has several county police agencies, such as the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, Glynn County Police Department, Gwinnett County Police Department, and many others. These county police departments have sworn police officers in uniform who patrol and ensure public safety in different zones within their respective counties. 


Georgia Department of Public Safety


The GPS is a state law enforcement body that has the primary responsibility to enforce law statewide and ensure public safety. This Department has several divisions such as Georgia State patrol, Georgia Capitol police, Georgia motor carrier compliance division, and some other. Georgia Bureau of Investigation used to be a division of the GDPS, but it became independent in 1974. 


Georgia Capitol Police


This department is one of the divisions of the GDPS, and it is working under the direction of the GDPS in collaboration with other departments. The primary responsibility of this department is law enforcement of the Capitol Hill area of Atlanta. The department is further divided into two divisions: Capitol Police Services Unit and the Capitol Square Security unit. 


Supporting the Georgia Law Enforcement Agency


It is always important to appreciate the difficult job that our brave law enforcement service members perform to protect our lives. There are various ways to do so, such as sending the local police officers a thank you note, donating some money to help the police department, and raise awareness about the difficult job of the police officers. There is also a unique way to support the officers, which is all about giving police challenge coins. Georgia police officers work day and night to make local communities more secure, keep the criminals off the street, and protect the citizens' constitutional rights. These officers are always on duty and ready to face any danger that comes in their way of protecting the public. For all these reasons, it has become more critical to support our uniformed heroes. 


Customized Georgia State Police Challenge Coins


The tradition of giving and collecting customized police challenge coins is not only well respected and old, but it is prevalent and still going strong. Customized police challenge coins are available in different sizes and metals. You can get your Georgia police challenge coins customized with a distinctive insignia of a police department of your choice or with a badge number. The customized police challenge coins will make not only memorable gifts but also make exciting memorabilia that you can add to your collection of police collectibles. 


Georgia State Collectible Police Challenge Coins


It is widespread and popular among the challenge coin hobbyists to collect police challenge cons that tell a unique story. For example, the Thin Blue Line police challenge coins mark the efforts that police officers have made and actively make to maintain law & order during tough times, such as civil unrest. 


Get Georgia Police Challenge Coins


At Police Brand, we have several police challenge coin series for those who are looking for non-traditional and unique challenge coins. Our intricate designs will make a perfect addition to your police collectibles collection. Click here to check out our designs, and police challenge coins. 



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