Choosing a Coin Holder for Your Collection

Do you look at your collection of challenge coins and sometimes wonder how you could store them decently? If yes, this article is a must-read for you. For those who have already purchased coins storage cases, maybe this article will improve your experience with displaying coins. So, why not get started with how you can choose the best challenge coin for your collection?

Challenge coins, whether many or few, deserve to be stored and displayed properly. They are a source of pride to the holders for the sole reason each of them is in your possession. Again, what happens when you bump into that poorly kept challenge coin? Does it remind you how and why it was issued to you? If you are like me, you will prefer to have them organized in a presentable manner. And how do you organize them? Let’s look at some of the different ways to organize and display your challenge coins collection.

Wall-mounted glass-front display cases

This is a great way to safely display your challenge coins in an open space, say your living room, or the office. These are usually lockable and feature several rows where you can place your coins. The clear front glass serves to prevent frequent touching or removal of challenge coins. It also protects your coins from catching dust.

Tabletop wooden rack

A tabletop wooden rack is one of the most popular coin display artifacts. This is probably because they are easy to make and can take several designs. Unlike a wall-mounted display, there is no limit on the shape of the challenge you put here. Some designers have gone an inch further to make a round table top wooden racks with a glass enclosure to protect your coins from dust. The number of coins you can store on this kind of varies depending on the size of the coin and the measurements of the rack. The rounded rack with a glass shield has especially found favor with organizational heads and departmental leaders choosing them to display custom corporate challenge coins.

Single coin stands

The single coin display stand is a darling to the corporate world. However, it is also an excellent display stand for individuals and retired military personnel with high-value challenge coins issued in their course of duty. Single coin stands can be made from a variety of materials and painted with custom colors in line with your organization's identity. Note that these are not the most suitable for coin collection enthusiasts who may have a large number of coins but can be used to showcase your valued assets.


From the above, it is evident that you will need to make several considerations before buying or making your own rack or case. Besides the looks and the size, here are some things you may want to look at.

  • Space: where will you put your rack? Choose a rack or coin display case that fits well with your space. Also, some display designs will fit well in an office setting than at home.
  • Safety: sometimes, it will be necessary to consider the security of your challenge coins. In a scenario where security is a concern, a lockable case would be the most appropriate. Some challenge coin holders can also be fixed to a table or wall.
  • Do you have enough? Are you still collecting coins or you have enough to display? The number of coins you have will influence the holder you get. If you are receiving more coins in the future, consider buying a holder with a higher capacity than you already have.

There is no right or wrong way of displaying challenge coins, but in some ways, they are better than others. Your challenge coin collection and how you choose to display them remains your own discretion. However, we think the information in this article can help you choose the right challenge coin holder.

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