Delaware State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Delaware Law Enforcement Officers

Delaware is the second smallest state located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. It is the sixth least populous state, and at the same time, it is the sixth most densely populated state in the country. The state took its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr.  


Fun Facts About Delaware 


Here are some fun facts about Delaware state:

  • Delaware is the second smallest state, covering an area of 1,948 square miles. 
  • It is also the sixth least and densely populated state.
  • Delaware has only three counties, fewest of any state.
  • Another name for Delaware is “Blue Hen State,” which stemmed from the state bird. During the Revolutionary War, soldiers used to carry the Blue Hen cocks for a cockfight.
  • The Monster Mile, which is the Dover International Speedway where the two famous NASCAR events are hosted, is located in Delaware.

Many other exciting facts make Delaware unique. One of the most notable highlights includes its sandy beaches. Many people from the District of Columbia and other states visit Delaware for its sandy beaches during summer. 


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Delaware’s Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety


Delaware law enforcement agencies take public safety seriously. The law enforcement agencies in Delaware have a significant role in public safety, and these agencies are working hard to keep the crime rate lower. A good number of police officers lost their lives in the line of duty while ensuring safety for the civilians. To commemorate their sacrifices and honor the active law enforcement officers, Delaware law enforcement agencies organize appreciation events, celebrate excellent performance, and issue police challenge coins. Each of these gestures holds significance, such as police challenge coins grant exclusive membership to the police officers who served in a particular police unit or group.  


Delaware State Law Enforcement Agencies


There are about 49 law enforcement agencies throughout the state for the protection of its citizens. Some of the most notable state law enforcement agencies include Delaware Capitol Police, Delaware Department of Correction, Delaware Department of Justice, and Delaware State Police. 


Delaware Capitol Police


It was founded n 1965 and initially started operating as a three-person unit to protect the Legislative Hall from vandalism. Initially, the group was called Capitol Security. Later, the unit’s responsibilities expanded to protect several other state-owned properties across the state. 


The Delaware State Police (DSP)


The DSP is a division of the Delaware Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security. Its primary responsibilities include ensuring traffic regulation and law enforcement throughout the state of Delaware. The DSP has been working day and night to protect the citizens from any danger. 


New Castle County Police Department


This department plays an essential role in protecting the citizens of New Castle County by providing them law enforcement services. This department is the second-largest police department in Delaware. 


Delaware Municipal Agencies


Several municipal law enforcement agencies are working in Delaware, including Bethany Beach Police Department, Wilmington Police Department, New Castle Police Department, and many others. 


Supporting the Delaware Law Enforcement Agency


You are encouraged to show your support to these agencies if you appreciate the vital role that the Delaware law enforcement agencies are playing. These gallant men and women who play with danger to protect civilians need our continuous support. These law enforcement service members work selflessly to support local communities and strive hard to reduce the crime rate in communities. There are various good ways to show your support. One of the best ways is to carry Delaware police challenge coins. You can carry these police challenge coins to show your association with or assistance to the Delaware law enforcement agencies. You can also give these collectible police coins to your copper or friend who is serving in law enforcement.



Customized Delaware State Police Challenge Coins


There are so many benefits of getting customized police challenge coins. For example, these challenge coins can be used as a keepsake to preserve a special memory related to a mission that you have served for. The customized police challenge coins can also be used to pay homage to the law enforcement service members who are the community protectors. It is widespread for law enforcement agencies to have customized police challenge coins to issue their best-performing police officers. These agencies also design challenge coins for particular police unit or group, so the group members can use them as their identity verification and can keep them as a keepsake. 


Delaware State Collectible Police Challenge Coins


If you are into collecting military or law enforcement coins, you would love to have Delaware State police challenge coins. These challenge coins will show your association with the prestigious law enforcement departments serving in Delaware. Some people like to exchange challenge coins with their friends as keepsakes and to show support. The collectible police coins can also be sued as collectibles for your personal collectible challenge coins collection. It is vital to know that you don’t need any official member of a group or a law enforcement agency to collect these collectible police challenge coins—these challenge coins re available to anyone, including hobbyists and civilians. Most civilians collect police challenge coins to show their love and passion in support of the law enforcement agencies. If you have a family member or a friend who serve in law enforcement, these collectible challenge coins will make a unique gift that you can get for your friend or family member. 


Get Delaware Police Challenge Coins


If you have made up your mind to get Delaware police challenge coins, it is highly recommended to do your research in advance. At Police Brand, we have an extensive collection of collectible challenge coins that we design after doing research. We also use premium quality metal and manufacturing process to make sure our challenge coins will last a lifetime. Click here to check out our full bestseller collection of police challenge coins. 

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