Thin Blue Line Wooden Flag


You might have been seeing these flags with the blue line running in the middle and wondering what it means, right. Well…let’s dive into this aspect to get your questions answered.

The Thin Blue Line: Meaning and Symbolism

The thin blue line is a term that depicts the police as the line which keeps the society away from criminal elements. It is used to represent the police as the protectors of the masses. Each stripe on the flag has a distinctive representation with the blue center representing the law enforcement, the upper part representing the masses while the bottom part represents the criminals.

Though the thin blue line flag is all black with the blue line running in the middle, certain variations of it can also be seen. The “Thin Blue Line” American flag is displayed in one of two ways, the first being a simple blue line with a black space above and below it. And the second, as a single blue stripe on a black and white American flag, sits just below the stars. These variations of the thin blue line flag are drafted using flags of different nations.

Why the thin blue line wooden flag is a must have for all?

The message and value contained in the thin blue line flag are that of pride and full support for the law enforcement agencies that go all out for the safety of the community. The thin blue line can be seen on flags, clothing, hats, and bracelets. Wearing these is our way of showing our solidarity with the law enforcement agencies as well as showing our gratitude for the selfless service they render. It is also a way of showing respect for the law enforcement agents, men, and women who have lost their lives in the fight. Hence, having the thin blue wooden flag on your wall is not only a thing of pride but a way of saying “Thank you, we love and support you” to our protectors; the line protecting us from criminals and crime.

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The store also offers different types of wall stickers, vehicle decals, challenge coins, and other cool collections.

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Police brand collectiblesThing blue line wooden flag

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