Gift for Cops

We all have a tough time finding the perfect gift for our loved ones, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, and graduation or even for Christmas! The ‘perfect gift’ will depend on one’s character, likes, dislikes, preferences, and pretty much everything that makes us unique. And when that someone is a cop, you already know how hard it is going to be. Well, you’re in luck today, because we’re bringing you the top gifts that you can gift your cop-friend, cop-son, cop-father, or even your cop-wife.


This is that something you can gift your beloved police officer that he or she can and will have on through their entire day. Bracelets are often cheap, but they help to remind the person wearing it, that he or she is loved.  This might be the one gift your cop-friend will never say no to.

A bracelet can be very personal and touchy, and for a police officer, these are the best ones out there. These black and blue bracelets are available at Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles which will leave you with one less gift you have to worry about.

Challenge Coins

These fine items won’t be worn on the wrist like a bracelet all the time, but they certainly will be cherished by the men in blue for the humor they bring in and partly because they are badass. These will be perfect for an officer’s desk or even the nightstand.

Challenge coins are the great pick for a cop, and we’re pretty sure your law-enforcing cop-friend won’t turn this gift away. More collectible coins like the Police Bulldog, MO bear State Trooper and K9 Police Unit Challenge coins are available at Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles at a price will break your bank.

Is this police officer a Lieutenant or a Captain? Fear-not, if bracelets and coins don’t seem the best fit for him/her, this next gift will.


Flags are the best gifts that you can give your officer friend, even your superior officer or that respectful officer who does patrol in your neighborhood. The flag can be hanged in the wall or framed to sit on the desk, either way; it’ll be close to your dear friend when he/she is working. The key is to not get anything that’s too ordinary, which won’t make your friend in blue remember you or something too fancy for a respectable police officer. Such flags that fall between these two lines are available at Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles. These will turn out to be great 4th of July gifts too.


With the festive season closing in, you may want to avoid the last year’s awkward gift opening you had to go through, or maybe even the birthday of your dearest is closing in. Either way, you want a gift that will be with your loved police officer for a long time. So, we hope the above list has helped you to find that perfect gift. Visit to find the best gift for that special cop.



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