Have you noticed the increased usage of the American black and white flag? Many people have mounted the flag on the bumper of cars while many others have it planted in the yard. There is also an increase in how this symbol is used on wearable fabric, including hats, T-shirts, and sweaters. But did you ever ask yourself why the black and white flag with the thin blue line cutting across the middle? Well, let’s find out more about the thin blue line together.

With origins in the early British army, the thin blue line has found its way into the American army culture as well as the cultures of other national troops in the world. The thin blue line on the American black and white flags usually represents the country's law enforcement agencies. People fly the flag to show solidarity with the agencies in their fight against societal evils. The flag has three major parts: the part above the thin blue line taken to represent the general public, the blue line representing law enforcement, and the bottom part representing evil mongers who would perpetrate chaos, crime, and anarchy in the society. The blue line (the police in uniform) keeps the community free of crime and criminals. The thin blue line sometimes represents “the line of duty”.

There are two popular versions of the blue line. In one version, the blue line appears to separate two patches of black while in the second version, the thin blue line appears on a black and white flag just below the stars. In either version, the blue line's meanings remain the same where, in the second version with all national flag features, the stars represent the peace-loving citizens under the protection of the thin blue line. Members of law enforcement agencies are usually motivated to see the flag in the air. Therefore, it is a great way to show support to them and remind them they are supposed to remain courageous throughout service life. It is also an excellent way to pay tribute to the warriors who gave their lives in the line of duty for the American citizens.

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Image: thin blue line flags

In modern-day society, people can show solidarity with the law enforcement agencies by adorning one of the many representations of the thin blue line. While you can still buy yourself a thin blue line flag, there are other fashionable ways you can use the thin blue line flag both indoor, for example, in your office and outdoors. The most common is probably a black hat with a thin blue line flag printed on the fore and a T-shirt or a sweater with the thin blue line flag printed on the front.

Can civilians have a thin blue line flag?

Yes, anybody can have a thin blue line flag and other associated garments. In fact, the largest number of people with the flag are civilians. This is so because, as previously mentioned, the flag shows the support and solidarity of citizens with the law enforcement agencies and officers.

Where can I buy the thin blue line flag?

If you would like to buy items depicting the thin blue line flag, Police Brand has them in plenty. You can also communicate to us if you want to get a custom thin blue line flag with your name and badge number.

Add the blue line flag to your collection of police collectibles today to show honor and respect.

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