Sheriff Deputies

Have you heard of sheriffs and their deputies? Well, if you haven't, you'll be learning about the sheriff's deputies in this blog.

A sheriff is a leading official in an independent country. They enforce and maintain law and peace in the state and are elected through public votes. The elected sheriffs are directly accountable to the citizens in the country. Sheriffs are allowed to have deputies who provide 24/7 services to the citizens and travelers going in and out of the country.

The sheriff's deputies have to assist the sheriffs in carrying out their duties in the country or city. They are appointed as assistance with the power to work as an agent of the sheriff. Also, these deputies swear an oath to honor the country according to their duties.

Common law in Georgia states that deputies are personnel of the sheriff.

Duties of a sheriff

We cannot pinpoint the duties of a deputy sheriff without highlighting the responsibility of a sheriff. Since deputies work as deputies and assisting hands, their duties are the same as the sheriff.

The duties of any sheriff vary according to the country involved. The sheriff works hand in hand with their deputies, who help them carry out all assignments.

These special duties include;

  • To carrying out law enforcement activities

  • The sheriff controls traffic and regulates compliance on the streets and roads of the country.

  • They investigate accidents

  • The duty of the sheriff also includes deporting and transporting prisoners in and outside the country.

  • They regulate the movement of goods in and out of the country. These goods are drugs(narcotics)/or foreign items.

In some areas of the United States, such as San Bernardino, the sheriff is responsible for recovering deceased persons within the country.

Types of Sheriff and deputies according to states


Sheriffs and their deputies in this state are responsible for enforcing laws in small villages and towns. Due to their limited population, they are unable to support the police department allocated to them.


In Alabama, sheriffs are elected throughout the 67 countries. Each has its duties and staff members. The sheriff's office provides laws and enforces them on the citizens and towns, which extends to the boundaries of each country in Alabama.


Here, the sheriff is the commander in chief when it comes to enforcement. They also have a varying number of deputies. There are 15 countries in Arizona.

West Virginia

The sheriff in West Virginia has two primary duties. The first is enforcing laws in the country, which their deputies can also handle. They are also responsible for collecting taxes when due. But, in this state, sheriffs are limited to four years of service.


The sheriff's duties in Vermont are enforcing security across 14 countries and district courts, transporting prisoners, patrolling towns, and ensuring good security, especially during special country events.

The list keeps going on and on. Other states where sheriff deputies work together with the chief sheriff are Texas, Utah, South Dakota, and more.

Although sheriff deputies also have the power to maintain peace, enforce laws, and make arrests like investigating in criminal cases such as domestic disputes, thefts, and robbery. The sheriff can dismiss the duties of deputies.

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