Different branches of the Military

Many of us can't tell much when it comes to the Military. Our knowledge is limited to the books we read and the movies we see that display a little idea of the service of the Military in the country.

Have you thought of having good knowledge of the branches found in the Military and their function? We have it all explained in detail in this article. There are three main categories of people in the Military

They include;

  • The active duty military: these are active soldiers and sailors. They are known as the group on whole duty

  • Reserve and Guard forces: this category work as both civilians and full-time duty

  • Veterans and retirees: this is the class that belongs to the past military soldiers.

The different branches of Military 

The president of the United States is the chief commander of the six military branches. He makes the laws, and they give the final decisions. 

Although the overall mission of the Military is to maintain security and peace,  all branches have their unique mission. Below is a breakdown of each unit and their duties

Army national guard

The US army is the oldest and most common military branch that ever existed. It was established on the 14th of June. These squads dedicate their service year to serve the country. It is required by the law that each state must have its army national guard. This feature contributes to the uniqueness of the branch because it is only this group that is required and recognized by the constitution.


Air force and air force reserve

This branch of the military is the backbone of the country's air and space power supply. The primary mission of this category is to fly helicopters, planes, and satellites.


Army and Army reserve


The army is the land power of the military service, but they are dominant. They patrol several areas, which includes the outskirts of the country. It secures the order and value of all the visited places. Another function of this branch is that it also ensures the united States installation and owned properties worldwide.


Coast guard and coast guard reserve

This group takes care of the domestic ways. They maintain and secure the law against drug prevention and the waterways.


Navy and navy reserve

The  US navy protects the country by sea. They also operate the land and air. They accomplish this mission by protecting and securing the oceans around them and also ensure their stability. Their work increases safety for travels and international trade.



Space force

This branch is the newest branch of the military that was signed in December 2019. It is still under development, and currently,  it does not have a special duty.

Marine corps and marine corps reserve


These branches work according to the name they are called. They are special personnel trained to fight on the sea. They are also land experts.


The national guard

The national guard may not be included as a branch of the military but is also an essential component of the service because it is a combination of the air force national guard and the army national guard.



I bet you now have complete knowledge of all the branches of the military. Whether you are a fan of the navy or army, each of the six units has a role in their call to serve the country. Visit our site @policebrand.net to find out more fun and educate items and collectibles on the military and its kind.

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