Police dispatcher unit

A dispatcher deals on mobile, movable communications. He is a worker who transmits received information to help coordinate operations of a vehicle carrying out specific services.

Nowadays, the duties of a police dispatcher are overlooked. We need to know that just like any other unit, police dispatchers are essential. We've all had our several experiences, maybe in a traffic jam, when you see a police car spreading up with its light flashes across the highway, have you wondered where they are going to or why they are speeding up?

Well, that's because the police dispatcher sends them. In this blog, we'll talk about all you need to know about the police dispatcher unit.

Police dispatcher duties

The job of a police dispatcher can be a daunting task. Just like the 911 operator service, police dispatchers are often handling double duties. They take up their responsibility when sent off by the law.

Here are the duties of a police dispatcher:

  • They ensure that people get emergency services when needed
  • They answer emergency calls and try to provide help over the phone
  • Recording and monitoring the various locations of police officers on duty
  • Police dispatchers are the first call of help for people who need help
  • They make use of computer-aided dispatch tools
  • They check out essential documents such as the driver's license required for drivers and settle traffic queries.
  • Their duty also includes 911 and non-emergency calls for rendering service
  • They assist other offices of the police department by reaching out to other services when needed.
  • Operation of police radio and frequency signals
  • Take record of cases and assign cases
  • They monitor burglar alarms and fire alarms for all government-owned buildings.
  • Prepares and directs tax for external and internal sources.

What are the skills required?

Dispatching is all about multitasking and having a great sense of personality. A police dispatcher must imbibe many skills that will enable him to carry out his work effectively. These skills include;

  • You must be computer literate and acquire data entry skills.

  • Dispatchers should address the public calmly, listen attentively to those who may have reported cases. As a dispatcher, you should have the ability to talk to people outperforming life-threatening activities.

  • To add up to your multitasking abilities, you have to be organized and well structured.
  • If you are looking forward to being a police dispatcher, you should be ready to help and have compassion for others.

  • You should act and work like a hotel receptionists

  • You should know radio dispatch operation procedure and use of equipment.

How to become a police dispatcher

You'll need a combination of skills, several pieces of training, and academic certifications.

High school

It would be best to have at least a high school diploma before you become eligible to apply.

Gain experience

As an applicant, you should be at least 18years old. This unit prefers adults who have at least one or two years of work experience. If you don't, you may need to try out similar jobs before applying to become a police dispatcher.

Develop essential skills

There are skills out there that police dispatcher aspirants should acquire.

  • Listening and communication skills
  • Compassion and accommodating
  • Computer literacy

Try out jobs that can help you improve these skills. For example, you can enroll in a computer school or lessons online to help improve your technology skills.

Tools used in carrying out operations

Database and clearing houses

These tools help police dispatches to locate offenders and track down individuals with criminal offenses.

Computer-aided dispatcher (CAD)

This is a piece of the computer equipment used to send messages and call details to the corresponding unit.


They include; Digi core, ATX, on and start. They are used to locate a vehicle and also listen to conversations going on inside the car.

Working conditions of the police dispatcher

  • There are limited physical efforts
  • Rare cases of injury or physical risks
  • Work is usually performed in a conducive environment.

Work schedule

Police dispatchers usually work a regular 8-hour shift. However, others can work 12 hours or even more. Sometimes, the work schedule is uncertain because dispatchers are like emergencies, so they are available during weekends, holidays, and weekends.

How much do police dispatchers earn?

Like any occupation, salary varies based on the certification level of experience and education. The same applies to police dispatchers.

  • Annual regular salary- less than $27, 590
  • Moderate yearly salary- $50, 700
  • Annual top rated salary- more than $63 980.

Benefits that come with working as a police dispatchers

  • Employees who just started working are eligible for at least 40 hours of vacation after nine working months.
  • Health and welfare insurance
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Employee and welfare insurance

Are you interested in checking out similar jobs related to police dispatchers? Here is a list of 7 jobs you may want to check out!

  1. Security guard
  2. Database administrator
  3. Emergency dispatcher
  4. Fire dispatcher
  5. 911 dispatcher
  6. Air traffic controller
  7. 911 operator

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