Police Officer Bear Girl Cub Stickers

If you want a perfect gift that shows human empowerment, this police officer bear girl club stickers would be a great choice. It is nice to show some love and respect to our dear female police officers. It should have been really hard for them to work for this kind of job but they chose to do it for us to be protected and keep us safe all the time. They choose to wear their clothes for their loyalty and it symbolizes strength and dignity. They serve us to secure our future. These stickers will be a great gift that can inspire that no matter what your gender is, as long as you are willing to serve and protect the people, then, you can be a police officer. These can also attract more aspiring female officers to strive harder to achieve their dreams to serve us in the future. If you want to buy these stickers, enlisted below are the four different variations of the stickers we sell. All stickers are 5 inches tall and it is a reflective vehicle decal. It will surely give your vehicles a nice design that can show our respect for our female police officers. You can mix it with other variations as well to make it more lively and pleasant to your eyes.

Stop Sign Police Officer Girl Cub

This sticker is the first design of the police officer bear girl cub stickers. It is a police officer girl cub that holds a stop sign. It is one of the major roles of a police officer to manage traffic and as they manage traffic on the roads and highways, they should hold a traffic sign to communicate with the drivers on the roads. Aside from holding a stop signal with the right arm, a hand gesture on the police officer’s left arm is a stop gesture that orders the road users to stop. This act can be usually seen on major junctions, intersections, and pedestrian lanes along the way.

Whistle Police Officer Girl Cub

The second variation of this sticker is the whistle police officer girl cub. The female police officer has a whistle on its right arm and a stop sign on the left arm. The police officer uses this hand gesture to be able to direct traffic on roads. By buying these collectibles, you can also be knowledgeable of the police officer’s hand gestures on how they manage the roads.

Waving Police Officer Girl Cub

The third variation of this sticker is the waving police officer girl cub. It is one of the ways of how the police talks to road users. By waving their hand, they signal the drivers to proceed by the road they are taking on.

Hands-on Hips Police Officer Girl Cub

The last variation of this sticker is a female police officer having its hands on her hips. She embodies the duties of the police officers and applies it to their works. It is a great gift for the female police officers to symbolize that symbolizes her firmness, dignity, and strength as a police officer.

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