A Befitting Gift to Celebrate Our Heroes in Blue

With the increasing protests against police brutality all over the world, celebrating those retired officers who spent their years of service protecting the people has become even more important. A befitting gift like the Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin is one great way to celebrate these heroes.

More than Just a Coin

The Honorbound coin is more than just a police coin. It is a reminder of what the police force was created to be ─ a force dedicated to serving and protecting the people. This coin is also more than just a gift; it is a reminder of their calling and mission and a token of honor to those retired officers who dedicated their years of service to accomplishing that mission.

The Symbols and What They Represent

The design of the Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin was not just created to impress, every single element in its design is of significant relevance.

The Spartan Style Helmet

The Spartan-style helmet on the coin signifies an ancient call to protect the people as one. To the Spartans, no warrior was ever considered superior to the other, and so to them, the entire army was one. The helmet is a reminder of that unity and what could be achieved through it.

The Police and Trooper Hats

The hats are a reminder that every police officer is called to serve the people. It is a sign of the responsibilities they hold and the honor that comes with keeping it.

The Batons and the Handcuffs

The pair of handcuffs hanging off of two police batons is a reminder of the police’s age-old mandate ─ to keep the peace and defend the citizens.

The Blue Line Flag

The Blue Lined Flag (the background of the coin) is a tribute to every police officer who has put their life on the line to protect and serve the people.

Put all these symbols together and you have a police coin any retired police officer would feel proud, owning. 

Apart from being a great reminder of all the things the police force ought to be, the coin is also designed with beauty and elegance in mind. Coming in two color variants ─ Antique Silver and Antique Gold;  with one side containing the coin’s 3D engraving and the other, a 2D colored image of the engraving coated with a scratch-resistant epoxy coating, the coin is both rich in meaning and elegant in style making it as befitting a gift as any. 

The coin is also a huge one. At a full 3 inches tall, the Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coins are almost twice as tall as most other coins out there, adding some extra weight to the level of honor it already inspires. 

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