Maine State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Maine Police Officers

Maine is the 9th least populated northernmost state in the United States. The state is ranked 12 smallest by its land area and the 13th least densely populated state in the country. The state is famous for its rocky coastline and scenic mountains, delicious seafood cuisines, such as clams and lobsters.

Fun Facts About Maine State

Here are some fun facts about Maine state:

    • It is the only state in the country with a name that has only one syllable.
    • 99% of the country’s blueberries are produced in Maine.
    • Approximately 90% of the country’s total lobster supply is caught off Maine’s coast.
    • Main has 3,478 miles of coastline and 31,66 off-shore islands.
    • The state is known for its haunted Lighthouses and Inns.
    • The Cadillac Mountain in Maine is the only peak in the county named after the luxury car.
    • Maine is the birthplace of donut holes. Capt. Hansen Gregory introduced the holes in the center part of the donuts.
    • Maine is the second coldest state (Alaska is the first) in the country during the spring.
    • L.L.Bean company is headquartered in Freeport, Maine.
    • Former U.S. President George Bush owns a summer home in Maine.

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      Maine’ Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

      Law enforcement agencies play an essential role in maintaining peace and making the state a safer place to live. Several state and local law enforcement agencies work in collaboration to ensure citizens' legal rights are protected. The sworn uniformed and civilians law enforcement officers get strict police training before they start serving in law enforcement. The purpose of providing these men and women rigorous training is to ensure public safety. Maine’s police officers strive hard to reduce the crime rate, so the citizens can feel safe and have freedom without fear of losing their valuables or getting hurt. Several ways are used to recognize the brave men and women serving in the Maine law enforcement sectors. The law enforcement agencies issue press releases appreciating the professionalism and public safety effort taken by the law enforcement officers. These agencies also issue unique Maine police challenge coins to the brave police officers and to the fallen members’ families to commemorate their services.

      Maine Law Enforcement Agencies

      One hundred forty-six law enforcement agencies are serving across the state. These law enforcement agencies have 2569 sworn uniformed and civilian officers who are the guardians of the citizens of Maine. These agencies are working tirelessly with the highest standards to ensure the citizens of Maine are safe.

      Maine State Law Enforcement Agencies

      Several state law enforcement agencies are serving across the state. Some of the most notable Maine’s state law enforcement agencies include Maine Department of Corrections, Maine Warden Service, Maine Marine Patrol, Maine State Police, and others.

      Maine State Police (MSP)

      MSP was established in 1921 and had jurisdiction across the state. The sworn uniformed and civilian police officers strive to protect the lives, property, and constitutional rights of the citizens. The MSP has some of the most stringent police training academies in the United States, where it’s not easy to get admission. The tough training is to ensure the future police officers serve the citizens in the best possible manner. The MSP has several specialized police units, such as the Air Wing, the K9 police unit, crisis negotiation unit, evidence response team, and many others.

      Maine Marine Patrol

      It is another state maritime police agency that is serving across the state of Maine. The Maine Marine Patrol, headquartered in Augusta, claims to be the state's oldest police agency. This agency is charged with enforcing the fishing regulations in the coastal and tidal areas of the Maine coastline.

      Maine County Law Enforcement Agencies

      Several known county police agencies are serving in different counties across Maine. Some of the most notable police departments include Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, Waldo County Sheriff’s Office, and many others.

      Maine Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies

      Some municipal law enforcement agencies are working across the state in different counties. A few of the most prominent ones include the Lewiston Police Department, Bar Harbor Police Department, Fairfield Police Department, and others.

      Supporting the Maine Law Enforcement Agencies

      Maine has a few of the best law enforcement agencies in the United States working day and night to ensure public safety and protection for the citizens' constitutional rights. The law enforcement officers are watching out for the citizens, and as good citizens, we should watch out for our protectors. To support the police officers, you have several options, such as writing a thank you note to the police officers to show your gratitude, organizing a special appreciation event, donating some money to the law enforcement, or give Maine police challenge coins. It is a highly regarded tradition to give police challenging coins since it is considered an honor to receive and pride in carrying the police challenge coins.

      Customized Maine State Police Challenge Coins

      Customized Main state police challenge coins are used by law enforcement agencies and their supporters to recognize the protectors of local communities. Personalized police challenge coins can be customized with a unique quote or number. You can carry these police challenge coins to show your support to the Maine law enforcement agencies.

      Maine State Collectible Police Challenge Coins

      Several law enforcement agencies offer collectible police challenge coins for the civilians, and other law enforcement supports. Police collectibles are a perfect option to pay homage to the police officers. Police collectibles, such as wall decals, reflective stickers for vehicles, and police badges, also make an excellent addition to the collection of police memorabilia.

      Get Maine Police Challenge Coins

      Police Brand offers a wide variety of eye-catching and pride-inducing police challenge coins. Our talented designers have done extensive research and created intricate and modern designs for the police coins. Our challenge coins are made to last a long time. If you are looking to buy police challenge coins, click here to check our collection.

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