California Highway Patrol

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is the biggest law enforcement agency of the United States of America, with approximately 11,000 employees, out of which more than 7,500 officers are active and sworn in duty. You can pay respect to their hard work by having the Police Bulldog sticker and the Police Bulldog Challenge coin. As a state police department, this faction has complete jurisdiction over all the highways in the state of California, even the ones that are interstate highways. This department works day and night for our safety on traveling the highways and deserves our utmost respect. Therefore, the Police Brand Memorabilia and Collectibles’ Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin will serve as the perfect example of respect to the police for their hard work. 

The CHP was formed in the year 1920 and serves as a branch of the Division of Motor Vehicles as per the legislation signed by the then California State Governor C.C. Young. Governor Earl Warren then turned the CHP into a separate police department in 1947. Due to a large number of highways in the state of California, it soon merged with the smaller California State Police in the year 1995 and is now a part of the California State Transportation Agency (CALSTA). The motto of the CHP is Safety, Service, and Security, which can be easily represented by the Peace Love Black and Blue Shirt

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The CHP also shares active duties with other departments also, like the local municipal agencies and the state-federal law enforcement agencies. This is because along with protecting the many highways of California, they also have other active duties like protecting state buildings and other facilities of high importance, like the notable building of the California State Capitol, along with also protecting important state officials. The CHP also helps the local police agencies on ongoing investigations and other assistance as required. This assistance provided is not complete without the police dogs guarding us day and night. You can praise our canine guardians using the K9 Unit Stickers and the K9 Unit Challenge Coin

The CHP has total jurisdiction over all the highways of the state of California, which includes many US Highways, interstate highways, and all freeways and expressways. Even though the primary objective of the CHP is to look after state transport and provide security, it can also impose jurisdiction over the local police and the local sheriff's departments if a case is involved that requires their assistance and is a part of their jurisdiction. The Honorbound Protect and Serve Police Coin is the perfect way to show solidarity with the CHP. 

Car accidents and all transportation-related queries are attended by the CHP—which includes conducting investigations on car accidents and disposal of disabled and damaged vehicles, along with removing any kind of road obstruction that hamper the free flow of road traffic, like man-made debris and natural obstructions. The State Trooper Bear Challenge Coin will also help in making the police proud and supporting them. 

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