The Yellowhammer state is also known as the “Cotton State” and the “Heart of Dixie.” It is located in the Southern region of the   United States and has great significance in the history of the United States. There are so many exciting things you can do and see in Alabama, such as nature, historic sites, museums, and so on.

Fun Facts About Alabama

Here are some fun facts about the Yellowhammer state that you might find interesting.

  • Alabama has several exciting nicknames, such as the Yellowhammer State (named after the woodpecker native to Alabama), the “Cotton State,” the “Heart of Dixie,” and the “Camellia state.”
  • Alabama is the home where the ‘mother of the civil rights,’ Rosa Parks.
  • The Yellowhammer state was the first one in the United States to declare Christmas as a legal public holiday in 1836.

Safety for Civilians, Tourists & Foreigners

Alabama is the home of the Martin Luther King church and the Rosa Parks Museum, which attracts a lot of visitors from other states. Not only that, but there is a massive number of international students in Alabama who are pursuing their dream of getting higher education in the United States. What makes Alabama a safe place for both its citizens and the visitors is the Alabama law enforcement agency.

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Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) is the agency that protects the citizens of Alabama from all types of dangers. The ALEA ensures public safety state-wide in collaboration with several other law enforcement agencies, such as state agencies, county agencies, and municipal agencies. These include Alabama State Trooper, Alabama National guards, Alabama state port authority, and so on.

Supporting the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

There are various effective ways to show your support to the honorable law enforcement agency that has been serving for decades to ensure the protection of civilians in Alabama. One of these ways is to give and display the police challenge coins. There is a wide variety of police challenge coins to choose from. Police coins are available in different sizes, designs, and materials. They are used as gifts and also as collectibles. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency also honors its police officers and other service members with challenge coins to acknowledge their service and support them. Those challenge coins are not issued for the civilians and may be hard to get a hold of. The alternative to these challenge coins is that the collectible police challenge coins.

Who Can Have Collectible Police Challenge Coins?

There is no restriction on who can have collectible police challenge coins. These police coins are made for the challenge coins enthusiast or those who want to keep these coins to show that they support the police department and other law enforcement agencies. In the same way, there is no limit to how many police challenge coins one can have. The challenge coin hobbyists usually have vast collections consisting of different types of challenge coins, such as police coins, military challenge coins, law enforcement challenge coins, navy challenge coins, and so on.

Alabama County Law Enforcement Agencies

Police challenge coins can be used to pay tribute to the county law enforcement service members in Alabama. Many of the many Alabama county law enforcement agencies include Autauga County Sherriff’s Office, DeKalb County Sherriff’s Office, Marion County Sherriff’s Office, and Fayette County Sherriff’s Office.

Alabama Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies

Police challenge coins can be used to commemorate the valuable service of police officers serving in Alabama Municipal law enforcement agencies, such as the Abbeville Police Department, Centre Police department, and Birmingham Police Department, and so on.

The heroes serving in these agencies deserve the same level of respect and love that the heroes are serving in the National guards or the Alabama state law enforcement agency.

Alabama State Trooper

Another notable law enforcement agency in the state of Alabama is Alabama State Trooper or Alabama Highway Patrol, which is created in 1936 and is currently operating under the Alabama Department of Public Safety.  You can get customized police challenge coins for Alabama State Trooper service members.

Honoring the Alabama Police Officers with Custom Police Challenge Coins

Custom police challenge coins are an excellent way to make a loved one, who serve in the police or a veteran, feel special. The idea behind custom police challenge coins is to personalize the challenge coins with a special memory that could be a particular date, unit name, or any badge, etc. The custom challenge coins are hugely popular among the police officers and other law enforcement service members. A good thing about custom challenge coins is that they are easier to get and economical, so people with any budget can easily afford them. Other police collectibles that can be customized include t-shirts, police badges, stickers, and so on. However, police challenge coins are the most notable collectibles and keepsakes among all.

The law enforcement agencies also have their challenge coins customized to capture special memories with a group that was worked on a special project or created for an individual task. There are also military challenge coins to pay homage to the military personnel in Alabama. In some cases, the challenge coins are given to family members of the fallen police officers to commemorate the sacrifice that made for civilians' safety.

Get Police Challenge Coins

If you have made up your mind to get police challenge coin to commemorate the police officers serving in different Alabama state law enforcement agencies, it is essential to decide which agency you want to support and what type of challenge coin you would like to have. Other than challenge coins, you can also use police stickers on your vehicle to show your support.  There are no individual permissions required to collect the police challenge coins. Blue Thin line police challenge coins are always in demand and readily available, but there are many other types to choose from. Click here to check out our complete police challenge coin collection.

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