Alaska State Trooper Challenge Coins – Honoring Alaska Law Enforcement Officers

Alaska, also known as the Land of Midnight Sun, is located northwest of the west coast. The state is known for the superlatives, such as the largest national park, the highest mountain peak, the longest day and night, the longest coastline, and so on. There are many exciting things to do in the state of Alaska, for example, fishing, hiking, culture, history, and so on.

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Fun Facts About Alaska

Here are some fun facts about Alaska state:

  • The largest and busiest seaplane base in the world resides in Alaska, Anchorage’s Lake Hood.
  • Alaska has the longest daylight and the shortest daylight. The sun rises on May 10th and then don’t set for about three months. The sunsets on November 18th, and don’t rise for about two months.
  • Alaska has more than 100 volcanoes.

Alaska’s Law Enforcement Role in the Alaskans' Safety

Alaska is a safe state for tourists, foreign visitors, and civilians. It is only is possible because of the safety laws and measures enforced by law enforcement agencies in Alaska. Many tourists visit Alaska every year to experience different activities, such as sightseeing, camping, hiking, and so on. Following is a list of some major law enforcement agencies that have been protecting foreign visitors, civilians, and tourists from all threats and dangers.

Alaska Department of Public Safety

It is a law enforcement agency in Alaska, protecting life, property, and other resources, such as wildlife. This department operates under the direction of Commissioner Amanda Price. The Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS) is known to enforce state laws through several divisions, such as traffic laws, wildlife protection, fire department, and criminal statutes.

The DPS is unique in so many ways since Alaska's living conditions are different from any other state in the United States. The honorable law enforcement service members of the DPS serve in the extreme and the most unusual circumstances that are not common in many other states in the United States. For this reason, Alaska state honors these service members with police challenge coins and other awards for their bravery. 

Alaska State Trooper

Alaska State Trooper is one of the most popular divisions of the DPS. It handles both the criminal and the traffic laws in the state of Alaska. It is vital to note that there are no counties in Alaska due to which there are no sheriffs or county police in Alaska. The State Trooper serves as police in the rural areas of the state. What makes the Alaska State Troopers unique is that they are the most geographically extended peace force in the United States that comes after the federal officers. At different times, Alaska State Troopers have been honored through different challenge coins, such as the Bush Trooper Challenge Coin, which was created to honor those who served their time in the Bush. The Alaska state police challenge coin used the blue color, which is the universal color for law enforcement.

Supporting the Alaska Law Enforcement Agency

It is crucial to support the Alaska Department of Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies in Alaska. The law enforcement service members who have served or are currently serving in Alaska have given their best performance in the most unusual conditions. They deserve our love and appreciation for their courage, bravery, and loyalty. The Alaska State police challenge coins are the perfect way to commemorate the Alaska State Troopers. They put their lives on danger under challenging circumstances to ensure the safety of the civilians and wildlife.

Customized Alaska State Police Challenge Coins

It is a beautiful way to express your gratitude to the brave men and women of the Alaska State Troopers. They are serving in the most unusual circumstances and using the proactive approach to perform duties for public safety and community well-being that their urban counterparts would not think about performing. You can customize your challenge coins in different ways, such as with the badge number, unit insignia, unusual graphics, quotes, or colors.

Who Can Have Alaska State Collectible Police Challenge Coins?

Anyone can get Alaska state trooper police challenge coins. There are no restrictions or limitations to who can have or cannot have the police challenge coins in the state of Alaska. However, it is essential to note that the challenge coins designed explicitly for the unit police members can only be purchased or acquired directly from the police officers or law enforcement service members who were given the unique challenge coins. The Alaska DPS and State Troopers divisions also issue unique police challenge coins for civilians. Other than the officially released challenge coins, there are collectible police challenge coins that can easily be acquired.

Honoring the Alaska Police Officers with Custom Police Challenge Coins

There are many different types of police challenge coins that are designed for Alaska State Troopers, Alaska DPS, Alaska city agencies, such as Anchorage Police department, Fairbanks police department, and Juneau police department, and Borough agencies, such as North slope borough police department and Bristol Bay borough police department. Alaska does not have counties, so there is no county police department. The collectible police challenge coins can be used as collectibles for individual collection to show association and support for the brave state troopers in Alaska. They can also be used as gifts to make Alaska State Troopers feel special and loved.

Get Alaska Police Challenge Coins

If you are looking for Alaska State Trooper or Alaska DPS challenge coins for yourself or a friend, it is strongly advised to look only at the trusted place. At Police Brand, we are committed to manufacturing only high-quality police challenge coins. Our challenge coins can be used as collectibles or as gifts. Since Alaska law enforcement is a lot different from the Urban policing, we fully understand the diverse and unique needs of our customers who want unusual police challenge coins that represent the true spirit and role of Alaska state police.

To see our full collection of police challenge coins, click here.

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