Wyoming State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Wyoming Police Officers

The State of Wyoming is a constitutional republic that is a full-fledged landlocked state in the western region of the United States. On July 10, 1890, Wyoming joined the union of the states as the 44th member state. The name Wyoming comes from a Delaware language word, which means "land of vast plains." It is ranked as the 10th largest State in the United States in terms of area, with the total land area of 97,914 square miles. It is ranked as the 31st most populated State with a total population of 578,759, according to the estimates of the 2019 census.

The city of Cheyenne, which is recognized as the "magic city of the plains," is the capital city and the Wyoming State's largest city. The State of Wyoming officially nicknamed "Equality State," and the other most famous nicknames for the State are "Cowboy State" and "Big Wyoming." "Equal Rights" is a noble motto for the State of Wyoming. The economy of the Wyoming State is based on mining and minerals extraction (coal, natural gas, uranium, trona, and crude oil mainly), tourism, agriculture, advance manufacturing, livestock, farming, energy production, transportation, educational services, taxation, government, real State, sports, media, services and labor, bioscience, information technology.

Fun Facts about Wyoming State

Here are some fun facts about Wyoming State.

  • Yellowstone national park in Wyoming State is recognized as the first park in the United States. The United States Congress established it.
  • Devils Tower national monument resides in Crook County, Wyoming. It is the United States' first national monument.
  • It was the first state in the country to give women the right to vote.
  • United States' largest coal mine, "the black thunder," is situated in Wyoming. Wyoming State is the largest coal producer.
  • On April 14, 1902, the first branch of the nation's favorite J.C. Penney department store was founded in Kemmerer, Wyoming.
  • Hollywood blockbuster movie "Rocky IV" was shot in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming State.
  • Nellie Davis Tayloe Ross was the governor of Wyoming State. She is known as the first female state governor in the history of the United States.
  • The Laramie County Library System in the State of Wyoming is acknowledged as the oldest systematically designed library system in the entire country.
  • Yellowstone national park in Wyoming State is home to the more geysers in the world than any other place.
  • The State of Wyoming is the largest producer of Uranium in the United States.
  • In Wyoming State, it is legal to hunt State's mammal American buffalo and other animals to fulfill your protein needs.
  • Indian paintbrush is the State's flower, and American bison is the mammal of the Wyoming State.

Wyoming police challenge coins

Wyoming Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Wyoming law enforcement has a significant role in preserving peace and public safety across the State. Several peace enforcement agencies and departments work on different levels to ensure public safety and protection of constitutional rights. Police officers sacrifice their comfort due to which the citizens can live safely and have peace of mind. Law enforcement agencies and local communities highlight the peace enforcement role by honoring these agencies with police challenge coins and other awards. Some departments exchange police patches and challenge coins on state and federal levels to show respect for each other. Wyoming police forces also support the communities across the State for additional policing needs and other purposes.

Law Enforcement Agencies in Wyoming

As stated by the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, ninety (90), law enforcement agencies serve in the State of Wyoming. These law enforcement agencies are serving with almost 1,691 intelligent and skilled police officers.

Wyoming State Law Enforcement Agencies

Numerous state law enforcement agencies are functioning in Wyoming State. A few of the most remarkable include Wyoming Capitol Police, Wyoming Highway Patrol, Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation, Wyoming Department of Corrections, and Wyoming State Fire Marshal.

Wyoming County Sheriff's Offices

Multiple county law enforcement agencies are working in the State of Wyoming. Some of the most noteworthy are included Albany County Sheriff's Office, Big Horn County Sheriff's Office, Converse County Sheriff's Office, Fremont County Sheriff's Office, Hot Springs County Sheriff's Office, Natrona County Sheriff's Office, Platte County Sheriff's Office, Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office, Teton County Sheriff's Office, Weston County Sheriff's Office, etc.

Wyoming Municipal Police Departments

There are various municipal law enforcement agencies are operating in Wyoming State. Name of the some most prominent is consists of Alpine Police Department, Buffalo Police Department, Cheyenne Police Department, Gillette Police Department, Greybull Police Department, Kemmerer Police Department, Lyman Police Department, Newcastle Police Department, Rock Springs Police Department, Sheridan Police Department, Torrington Police Department, Worland Police Department, and others.

Back the Blue in Wyoming

It is essential to back the blue in Wyoming to give the brave officers courage and motivation to protect and serve the communities better. There is a long list of police support accessories that the forces, their families, friends, and other supports use to encourage the police forces' positive work. These accessories include police rings, police support stickers, wrist bands, customized police challenge coins. Some supporters light their homes wit blue light in support for the police and state troopers. Displaying thin blue flags is another popular trend among the supporters.

Get Your Wyoming State Trooper Support Collectibles

If you want to be part of the Back the Blue club to encourage the police forces' positive work in Wyoming, get your police support accessories. Police Brand offers an extensive collection of unique police challenge coins, rings, flags, stickers, etc. Our collections are hugely popular among law enforcement supporters since we deliver only premium quality products. Our collectibles are available at reasonable prices, and we offer customization options for some collectibles, such as wooden badge. Click here to get your police support collectibles.

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