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The State of Wisconsin (WI) is a north-central state situated on the coastal lines of two great freshwater lakes in the mid-western region of the United States. On May 29, 1848, Wisconsin entered the United States union as a 30th member state. The State derived its name ''Wisconsin'' from the Wisconsin River. It is the 23rd largest State in the United States in terms of the area it covers, with the total land area of 65,498.37 square miles. It is ranked as the 20th densely populated State, with a total population of 5.822 million according to the 2019 census estimates. Madison city, which is acknowledged as "The city of four lakes," is the capital city and Milwaukee city is the largest city of the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has been officially nicknamed as "Badger State, and America's Dairyland." "Forward" is the official motto for the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is famous for its farms, freshwater lakes, forests, and cheese. Wisconsin state is the largest producer of dairy and paper products in the entire country. The significant economic industries of the Wisconsin State include advanced manufacturing, agriculture, dairy products, tourism, health care services, information technology, education and training, food processing, leather and allied products, and sports.

Fun Facts about Wisconsin State

Here are some fun facts about Wisconsin State.

  • Marathon County, Wisconsin, is the only producer of ginseng herb in the United States.
  • The State of Wisconsin is the front runner producer of cranberries, sweet corn, cheese, and paper products in the United States.
  • Kenosha, Wisconsin, is home to the largest wooly mammal ever discovered in the world. It is displayed at Milwaukee Public Museum.
  • Oshkosh control tower in Wisconsin state is recognized as the busiest aviation control tower in the world.
  • The city of Watertown in Wisconsin state is a place where the first-ever kindergarten classes were established in the history of the United States.
  • The first hydroelectric plant of the world was built in 1881, on the Fox River, Wisconsin State.
  • Milwaukee city is the birthplace of the first-ever successful practical typewriter in the world.
  • Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, is acknowledged as "The troll capital of the world."
  • Bloomer city in Wisconsin State is known as "The rope jump capital of the world."
  • As per the Guinness Book of Records, the Summerfest music festival, which takes place every year in Milwaukee, is the world's largest music festival.
  • Worldwide famous Harley Davidson motorcycle brand was founded in Milwaukee city, Wisconsin.
  • Eagle River in Wisconsin state is identified as "The Snowmobile Capital of the World."

wisconsin police challenge coins

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Wisconsin law enforcement officers are playing a critical role in maintaining safety and peace across the State, but these individuals are also providing a positive role model for civilians. These officers serve communities with integrity, honesty, and courage. The peace forces across the state work tirelessly to curb the crime rate, protect the people and their properties, and raise public awareness about important issues, such as alcohol abuse and vehicle safety. Local communities commemorate these officers with medals, awards, and police challenge coins. In addition to this, law enforcement departments also exchange police challenge coins, badges, and patches with each other to show respect and appreciation.

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Agencies

The US Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that there are five hundred and twenty-nine law enforcement agencies in operation to maintain law and order in the State of Wisconsin. These law enforcement agencies are working with almost 13,730 courageous and dedicated police officers.

Wisconsin State Police Agencies

Multiple state law enforcement agencies are serving in Wisconsin State. Some of the most significant include Wisconsin Capitol Police, Wisconsin Department of Justice, Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Wisconsin State Patrol, Division of Enforcement and Science, Bureau of Law Enforcement, and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Wisconsin County Sheriff'sSheriff's Offices

Numerous county law enforcement agencies are working in the State of Wisconsin. Some remarkable ones are Adams County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Burnett County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Eau Claire County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Green Lake County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Manitowoc County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Milwaukee County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Portage County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Sheboygan County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, Wood County Sheriff'sSheriff's Office, etc.

Wisconsin Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies

Various municipal law enforcement agencies are functioning in Wisconsin State. Some of the most noteworthy include Brookfield Police Department, Columbus Police Department, Green Bay Police Department, Madison Police Department, Milwaukee Police Department, New Berlin Police Department, Oshkosh Police Department, South Milwaukee Police Department, Two Rivers Police Department, Williams Bay Police Department, etc.

Wisconsin Tribal Police Departments

Few tribal peace forces are also actively serving the tribal areas in Wisconsin. These include Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Police Department, Mohican Nation Tribal Police Department.

Back the Blue in Wisconsin

Our heroes in blue in Wisconsin deserve our respect and appreciation to continue the excellent performances. It has become a hot trend among supporters to wear blue and display the thin blue line flags or other accessories in support of law enforcement. If you want to show your association with and respect for the state troopers and sheriffs, you can wear police rings or put police support stickers on your vehicle. Other ways to show respect and support include giving police challenge coins to your troopers, display thin blue line flags on your property and donate generously to law enforcement charities.

Customized Wisconsin Police Challenge Coins

These challenge coins are used by the police departments and communities to engrave names, dates, or other exclusive messages in these challenge coins to capture these details forever. These challenge coins are awarded to law enforcement officers. You can also customize state trooper challenge coins for a close friend family member who serves law enforcement.

Get Wisconsin Trooper Support Accessories

It is crucial to back the blue in Wisconsin so that the brave officers can continue the excellent work for the communities. To get your police challenge coins, police rings, and other trooper support accessories, click here.


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