5 Top Ways to Use Corporate Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are no longer a reserve for military men and first responder communities. In fact, we may have more civilian challenge coins than military challenge coins in a few years. The acceptance of challenge coins in civilian life has seen their production rise sharply over the years. The production and use of corporate challenge coins have also been on the rise, with many companies lining up to create custom challenge coin designs. And how do corporates use custom challenge coins? Besides cultivating loyalty and brand promotion, here are the top five ways corporates use custom challenge coins.

Mission statement

The very basic design for a custom corporate challenge coin includes the organization’s mission statement engraved on the face of the coin. The mission statement challenge coin may have other emblems, but the purpose remains to put the company's identity in the mind of the receiver. These coins are usually given out to new clients and new employees. The mission statement challenge coins are easily identifiable since they usually have the company’s logo or primary colors. You may also find the challenge coins designed with QR codes.

Milestones and accomplishments

Corporates usually set milestones to be achieved in a particular period. When such a milestone is achieved, the manager or other senior person may decide to have a challenge coin designed to remind all members of the efforts they put in place for the accomplishment. It is also not a new thing for organizations to mint challenge coins to recognize accomplishments achieved by a particular department or set of people. For instance, the sales department may set a high target for the staff and later award each member who reaches the target with a challenge coin.

Business promotion

We have mentioned that custom corporate challenge coins can be issued to new clients/customers. In the same way, custom challenge coins may also be issued to prospective clients to lure them into buying or consulting with your organization. When used in this manner, the challenge coins serve the purpose of business cards. Utility challenge coins are especially perfect for marketing and can easily replace business cards. In fact, some organizations have done away with paper business cards and are instead using utility challenge coins or custom challenge coins with QR code. In the case of challenge coins with QR codes, all information about the issuing company, including company portfolio, are accessible through the code.

Project-based challenge coins

You may already know that military challenge coins are issued to only members of a particular mission. In the same way, organizations may have project-specific challenge coins to honor the participating members and recognize their role in the success of the projects. And would there be a better way to remember successful projects than to have a custom challenge coin? Such a challenge coin may incorporate the organization's identity, the team receiving the coins, and the project's name, among other things.

Appreciation of service

Everyone wants to feel loved, and their efforts appreciated. This is why service appreciation challenge coins are becoming so popular in corporate settings. A service appreciation challenge coin can be issued to retiring staff, resigning staff, and others who may not continue working for you due to various reasons. It is also possible and important to appreciate people who have served your company for many years. For instance, you may choose to recognize people you have worked with for, say, five years, ten years or so. This way, each of your workers will know you value their service and, therefore, be motivated to put more effort.


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