Vermont State Police Challenge Coins – Back the Blue in Vermont

Vermont officially called the State of Vermont, is a constitutional state in the United States. It is located in the northeastern territory of New England, United States. On March 4, 1791, Vermont became the 14th state to enter the United States union. Vermont was an independent country before its admission to the union. Vermont word comes from the two terms of the French language "vert" and "mont," which means "green" and "mountain." Vermont ranks the 6th smallest state in the United States in terms of area with the total land area of 9,616 square miles. It is ranked as the 2nd least populous state with a total population of 623,989 according to 2019 estimates. The capital city of the Vermont state is Montpelier city, and the city of Burlington is the largest city of the Vermont State.

The state is officially called "The green mountain state" due to its vast green mountain range. "Freedom and Unity" and "Stella quarta decima fulgeat," which means "May the 14th star shine bright" are the two official mottos of the Vermont State which describes the patriotic passion and dignity of state's people. Vermont State is famous for its food, maple syrup, cheese, and nation's favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The state of Vermont is the leading state in the country in the production of maple syrup. Major economic industries of Vermont State has consisted on microelectronics, agriculture, advance manufacturing, tourism, mining, natural resources, forestry, food and beverages, software development & information technology, renewable energy and green business, financial services, insurance, real state, professional and business services, durable and non-durable goods manufacturing, health care services, educational services, cattle ranching, entertainment, transportation, retail & wholesale trade, construction, fishing, housing, farming, non-profits and volunteerism, dairy products.

Fun Facts about Vermont State

Here are some fun facts about Vermont State.

  • Vermont State's capital city Montpelier is recognized as the smallest state capital in the United States.
  • Montpelier, Vermont produces more maple syrup than any other state in the United States.
  • Rudyard Kipling invents snow golf in Dummerston, Vermont.
  • In 1903, Vermonter Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson completed a first-ever American road trip in his motorcar in less than 64 days.
  • There are no skyscraper and billboards in the entire Vermont State.
  • Chester A. Arthur and Calvin Coolidge, these two United States presidents were from the Vermont State.
  • Vermont State is the hometown of world-wide famous ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's.
  • Brattleboro, Vermont is the birthplace of America's first postage stamp.
  • Vermont was the first state to banned adult slavery in its constitution.
  • The Vermont Danby quarry is the world's largest known marble quarry. It is situated in the Vermont State.
  • Vermont State is the leading producer of marble and 2nd largest producer of talc in the country.
  • Horse is Vermont's official state animal, and apple is the official state fruit.

vermont police challenge coins

Vermont Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Vermont law and peace enforcement agencies are playing a significant role in maintaining peace across the state. These agencies ensure the protection of the public and their constitutional rights. Whether its public awareness of alcohol abuse and vehicle safety or it helps the local communities improve safety, Vermont law enforcement agencies have always supported the communities. Private institutes ad local communities commemorate their outstanding policing services by honoring the police officers and agencies with awards, medals, and police challenge coins.

Vermont law enforcement agencies

The US Bureau of Justice Statistics informed that sixty-nine (69) law enforcement agencies are working in Vermont. These law enforcement agencies are serving with almost one thousand one hundred and three devoted and committed police officers.

Vermont State Law Enforcement Agencies

A few state law enforcement agencies are operating in Vermont State. Some of these include Vermont State Police, Vermont Capitol Police, Vermont Department of Public Safety, Vermont Department of Corrections, Vermont Secretary of State, Investigation Division, VT States Attorneys' & Sheriffs' Office, and VT Homeland Security Unit.

Vermont County Sheriff Offices

Numerous county law enforcement agencies are serving in Vermont State. Some of these include of Addison County Sheriff's Office, Bennington County Sheriff's Department, Caledonia County Sheriff's Office, Chittenden County Sheriff's Department, Essex County Sheriff's Office, Franklin County Sheriff's Department, Grand Isle County Sheriff's Office, Lamoille County Sheriff's Department, Orange County Sheriff's Department, Orleans County Sheriff's Office, Rutland County Sheriff's Office, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Windham County Sheriff's Department, and Windsor County Sheriff's Department.

Vermont Municipal Police Departments

Various municipal law enforcement agencies are operating in Vermont State. A few of the noteworthy include Bennington Police Department, Brighton Police Department, Canaan Police Department, Castleton Police Department, Fairlee Police Department, Manchester Police Department, Rutland City Police Department, St. Albans City Police Department, Wilmington Police Department, Woodstock Police Department, etc.

Customized Vermont Police Challenge Coins

Customized police challenge coins are an excellent way to encourage and motivate the brave sheriffs, deputies, and other officers to serve and protect Vermont. A community partnership with Vermont peace is crucial, and one way to foster the mutual relationship between the community and peace forces is to exchange honors to show respect. That is why local communities in Vermont honor the police forces with police challenge coins. Besides, law enforcement agencies also commemorate their brave officers and outstanding civilians through customized Vermont challenge coins. Customize challenge coins can be customized with different details, such as name, text, image, etc.

Get Your Vermont Police Support Collectibles and Challenge Coins

Police Brand has an excellent variety of police support collectibles, such as police rings, wrist bands, flags, and police support stickers for those who want to back the blue. These collectibles and accessories present a unique and peaceful way to show support and appreciation to the police departments and sheriff offices across the Vermont State. Police Brand also offers unique state trooper challenge coins and wooden badges that can be customized using various details. If you are interested to see the collection, click here.

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