The Riders’ Challenge Coin

Challenge coins have a long-standing history in first responder communities, including fire departments, state police, and the military. The culture of issuing challenge coins has further spread into the civilian world. Corporate organization and self-organizing groups have especially found it useful to motivate workers and customers using custom challenge coins. As you may already know, there are various motorcycle clubs in the states that help bring together riders.

Like challenge coins, motorcycles have a history too, and we have seen lots of movies and TV series featuring great acts. To many, owning a motorcycle feels cool, but associating with other riders feels much better. And how about participating in a fun motorcycle race in the hood? Boy! There's no better feeling. The speed ride is perhaps one of the things bringing riders together in many American cities. The ride and other fun activities help maintain the brotherhood of riders and solidarity.

From the ancient days of motorcycle clubs, there are memorable events that deserve special honor. For instance, welcoming a new member to the crew. Initially, biker clubs would have a branded T-shirt, gloves, or headscarf designed for such an activity. However, most motorcycle clubs have caught up with things, and challenge coins are not a new sight in their events.

How to get the Riders' challenge coin

The riders challenge coin can only be given to you if you are a member of a bikers club. However, there are various outlets with ready-made designs for the riders’ coin, and buying from them should be easy. We do not encourage you to get challenge coins by way of buying for yourself. Instead, you should seek membership in a club that issues challenge coins to members. This way, you can participate in fun riding activities and become a member of the riding family.

Design Ideas for the riders challenge coin

Motorcycle clubs may give out challenge coins for various reasons. First, some clubs give the acceptance challenge coins to new members. Second, various clubs organize annual competitions and events where they recognize and award members. For these and other reasons, clubs may opt for different designs for challenge coins.

However, two ideas will come out in every riders’ coin. These are:

  • A 3D motorcycle image
  • Name of the motorcycle club

Besides these two ideas, there are lots of others that can make your riders' challenge coin stand out from the rest. Some motorcycle clubs have logos. We have talked about using logos and icons in an article here. Even as you consider using logos, your color selection, and the shape of your challenge coin also matters. We usually encourage organizations to involve members in the design of challenge coins. Where this is not possible, maybe because there are too many members, a committee would suffice.

Are you a member of a motorcycle club? You can introduce a motorcycle riders' challenge coin to your friends if you do not have one already. This will help strengthen the brotherhood and loyalty to the club's agenda. You can also check our collection of challenge coins at Police Brand’s official store here.

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