If you’re still looking for the meaning of the thin blue line, you’re not far from the truth. First, the blue stands for the police officers’ main uniform. So, the line only describes the blue stripe found on the police flag.

But how and where did the blue line start?

The blue line concept came into existence in the British Army under the 93rd Highland Regiment. It was first known as the thin red line to remind the world of soldiers’ unique array while marching towards the Balaclava battlefield.

Since Bill Parker’s tenure as the LAPD chief, the thin blue line concept has permeated the United States. Today, many police departments in the US associate themselves with it.

Description of the Thin Blue Line Wooden Flag

The flag has red and white stripes engraved on different woods, giving it an attractive look. This design makes each wood flag in our collection different. The pinewood is of high-quality and would last a lifetime.

The blue line wooden flag is a white, black, and red variant of the American flag with a single blue stripe in the center. Of course, the blue stripe and the wood material is the reason for the flag’s name.

But, there are many variations of this flag, depending on the state. With this in mind, we can personalize the flags to suit your taste.

The police officers view this flag as a sign of unity while the citizens use it to display their law enforcement support.

What’s more, this thin blue line wooden flag is two-sided, giving a picture of a better society through the police. The law enforcement agents spend a great deal of their time to fight crime and protect our properties. Thus, a thin blue line wooden flag would be a significant gift idea to celebrate their efforts.

The stripes on the flag represent the first 13 colonies while the engraved stars stand for the American citizens living in the 50 states. The flag’s red color means resolution, bravery while the white represents innocence and purity. Meanwhile, blue is the most exciting color on the flag, which stands for justice, peace, and perseverance.

The thin blue wooden flag reminds us of our heroes who fought for independence and gave up their lives in the process. It’s also an excellent way to reward our blue officers who distinguished themselves through years of service.

The thin blue line wooden flag gift will rekindle an officer's passion for the police job. You can buy it for yourself to show your support and grief for those who gave up their lives to keep our society safe. 

Hence, PMBC offers you the best quality and long-lasting thin blue line wooden flag to present to your favorite serving or retired police officer. Remember, our law enforcement agents are the first responders, and it’ll be right to make them feel special.

If you’re looking for an affordable but top-quality thin blue line wooden flag to buy, you can always visit our law enforcement store.

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