Texas State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Texas Police Officers

Texas is a constituent state in the United States. Texas State is located in the south-central territory of the United States. Texas declared its independence against Mexico and was admitted to the United States' union as 28th state on December 29, 1845. Texas name comes from the Caddo language word "táysha" which means "allies" or "friends." It is recognized as the 2nd largest state by area, with the total land area of 268,596 square miles. Texas is also ranked as the 2nd most populated state in the country, with an overall 29 million population according to the 2019 census estimates. Austin city is known as "Live Music Capital of the World," which is the capital city, and Houston city is recognized as the largest and most populous city of the state of Texas. The state of Texas is officially nicknamed "The Lone Star," representing its great efforts for independence. Texas State's motto is "Friendship."  Texas is a multi-cultural and historically rich state.

Its iconic cowboy culture and Tex-Mex cuisine are famous worldwide. Texas is the front-runner producer of wool in the country. Texas state economy is the second-largest economy in the country. The major economic sectors of Texas include natural resources (petroleum and natural gas mainly), agriculture, mining, tourism, energy, farming, livestock, cattle ranching, information and technology, leisure and hospitality, music, taxation and revenue, banking, steel, advance manufacturing, professional services, aerospace and aviation, entertainment, health care services, transportation, business services, education, corporate headquarters, construction, sports, hotels, law firms, engineering firms, computers and electronics, biomedical science, real state.

Fun Facts about Texas State

Here are some fun facts about Texas State.

  • Texas's king ranch is larger than the state of Rhode Island. The total area of king ranch is about 1,289 square miles.
  • The world's first-ever frozen margarita machine was invented by Mariano Martinez in the world in Dallas, Texas.
  • Texas is the birthplace of the world's famous beverage Dr. Pepper.
  • Texas is the only state in the USA to have its separate power grid.
  • The Great Galveston Hurricane is recorded as the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States. It appeared in Texas State.
  • Bracken Cave in Austin, Texas, is home to the known biggest bat colony in North America with over 20 million bats.
  • Generation's favorite and most desirable food in America, "The Hamburger" was invented in Texas.
  • Texas state capitol building is the largest state capitol building in the United States.
  • Amarillo city in Texas is recognized as the "Helium capital of the world."
  • The state of Texas is home the highest number of bird species than all the other countries.
  • Laredo city port is known as the largest inland port in the world.
  • Bluebonnet is the official state flower, and Red Grapefruit is the official fruit of Texas State.

Texas police challenge coins

Texas Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Texas is well-protected by its State, County, City, and other law enforcement agencies. The role of law enforcement in maintaining Texas' safety cannot be overstated. Texas peace forces are well-recognized for their achievements and dutifulness. The local communities commemorate their critical role on all different levels through exclusive honors, medals, and achievement awards, such as police challenge coins.

Texas Law Enforcement Agencies

The US Bureau of Justice Statistics has confirmed that there are one thousand nine hundred and thirteen (1,913) law enforcement agencies are working in Texas State. These law enforcement agencies are operating with almost 59,219 professionally trained and brave police officers.

Texas State Law & Peace Enforcement Agencies

Many state law enforcement agencies are operating in Texas State. Some remarkable ones include Texas Attorney General, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Highway Patrol, Texas Ranger Division, Texas Juvenile Justice Department – Office of the Inspector General, State Fire Marshal's Office.

Texas Department of Public Safety: The DPS is one of the primary state peace departments in Texas. It is responsible for statewide peace enforcement and vehicle safety regulation. The department has several divisions that work on enforcing different laws and regulations, such as highway patrol, public safety, a criminal investigation, and so on. Giving And receiving challenge coins within the DPS is a common custom. The primary purpose of exchanging and honoring different divisions and officers with police challenge coin is to show respect.

Texas Highway Patrol: The THP works under the DPS flagship, and it is a primary peace agency with statewide jurisdiction to enforce the law and protect the public. The officers are known as the state troopers and are well-respected among the citizens. Since its establishment, 85 troopers have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Texas Ranger Division: The department is also known as the Texas Rangers and has popularity across the world since its appearance in popular culture. The department is responsible for maintaining peace across the state of Texas. Since the inception of Texas Rangers, 124 officers have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Texas County Sheriff's Offices

Numerous county law enforcement agencies are serving in Texas State. Some of the most diligent are Armstrong County Sheriff's Office, Brazoria County Sheriff's Office, Comal County Sheriff's Office, Dallas County Sheriff's Office, Ellis County Sheriff's Office, Freestone County Sheriff's Office, Galveston County Sheriff's Office, Harris County Sheriff's Office, Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office, Hill County Sheriff's Office, Johnson County Sheriff's Office, King County Sheriff's Office, King County Sheriff's Office, McCulloch County Sheriff's Office, Orange County Sheriff's Office, Rockwall County Sheriff's Office, Somervell County Sheriff's Office, Tarrant County Sheriff's Office, Travis County Sheriff's Office, Williamson County Sheriff's Office, etc.

Texas City Law Enforcement Agencies

Various city law enforcement agencies are serving in Texas State. Some of the most prominent include, Anthony Police Department, Austin Police Department, Bardwell Police Department, Bryan Police Department, Conroe Police Department, Dallas Police Department, Farmers Branch Police Department, Fort Worth Police Department, Hempstead Police Department, Houston Police Department, McKinney Police Department, Plano Police Department, San Antonio Police Department, Wills Point Police Department, etc.

Dallas Police Department: This department was established in 1881, and its primary responsibility consists if protecting the public across the city of Dallas. As of 2016, 84 sworn police officers lost their lives in the line of duty. The department made it to the popular culture in 2010 in a Fox drama series.

Fort Worth Police Department: This department was established in 1873 to protect Fort Worth, Texas. It is responsible for vehicle and traffic safety within the city of Fort Worth. The department has lost 56 officers in the line of duty since its establishment.

San Antonio Police Department: This department was founded in 1846 to serve and protect the city of San Antonio, Texas. It has a good number of trained police officers who have been trained to ensure public safety.

These were just some of the many police and peace enforcement agencies across the Texas state. Some other law enforcement agencies in Texas include the Office of the United States Marshal for the Eastern District of Texas, Port of Houston Authority Police, Office of the United States Marshal for the Northern District of Texas, and Union Pacific Railroad Police Department.

Back the Blue in Texas State

Backing the blue in Texas state is crucial for various good reasons. The officers in blue protect and serve the citizens without demanding anything in return. These troopers, sheriffs, and deputies deserve our maximum support to make Texas a safer place for its citizens. To back the blue in Texas, you can do several things, such as wear blue and display blue. Wearing blue is a popular way to show support and respect to the officers in blue. You can wear thin blue line police rings, customized apparel, and other accessories. Collecting police challenge coins is another popular way to support the peace force in Texas since challenge coins are highly regarded among the police officers. Another effortless, yet highly powerful way to support the blue is to display the police support flag on your property or vehicle.   Support to Texas troopers can also be shown by donating generously to the Texas law enforcement charities.

Customized Texas State Trooper Support Collectibles

Texas State troopers and Texas Rangers are massively popular policing departments due to which their challenge coins are also popular. Their police challenge coins are a popular collectible. Still, the support accessories, such as police stickers, wall decals, flags, badges, and patches, are among the most sought-after police support memorabilia. Police Brand offers a wide range of customized Texas state trooper memorabilia, such as a wooden badge, police rings, flags, and stickers. We also have a bestselling State Trooper challenge coin collection for those who like to collect these precious emblems.

Get Your Texas State Trooper Support Collectibles

Police Brand has a team of talented and skilled designers who craft eye-catching police support collectibles for our customers. If you want to get your collectibles, click here to check our collection.

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