Honoring Graduates with Challenge Coins

The education sector is one of the fastest-growing industries the world over. And while the industry grows and time passes by, learning institutions are finding it useful, if not excellent, to complement traditional award and recognition systems with challenge coins. And certainly, a challenge coin is a good way to keep school memories fresh. Perhaps one advantage for schools, colleges, and universities is the flexibility in the design of challenge coins. The implication is that a school can mint various coins to award different categories of learners.

What is the best design for a school challenge coin?

Like corporate coins, school coins are primarily motivated by the school's core values and what the school is about. Besides that, school challenge coins are designed on purpose or for a particular cause. Therefore, integrating the school identity and the primary need for the coin can make a great design for a challenge coin. Below are some design ideas you may like.

  • Include the school logo because it is an excellent carrier of a school's identity. It is therefore advisable that every challenge coin you release carries the logo on the face. It is also possible to have the coins taking the shape of the school logo.
  • Consider the purpose. Schools can give challenge coins for various purposes. Take a challenge coin for the best graduating student, for instance. Such a coin can have the name of the student on it and the graduation year. A challenge coin designed for the whole class should have identifying details of the class.
  • Select your colors. Sometimes, colors speak louder than words. Choosing the right color will help people identify with the challenge coin when the logo does not fit in the design. Usually, institutions–including schools–have primary colors that rhyme with the core values and the logo. Consider using a mix of these colors for your challenge coins.
  • Get the most suitable finishing. While there is no right finishing for a specific type of challenge coins, the type of finishing may influence how people perceive your coins. The finishing of a challenge coin can either be a powder coating, metal plating, or a mix of both. The finish you use may influence the price. You can read more about choosing the right finishing for your challenge coins here.

A challenge coin and its design can have a significant impact on a student’s life. Furthermore, it is a great way to communicate and show support for students. After creating the right design for a school’s challenge coins, you need to know when it is most applicable to give out challenge coins. Below are some of the most suitable occasions.

  • School graduation ceremony
  • Sports events especially finals
  • Music/art/talent competitions
  • School special days

The list of occasions during which school challenge coins can be issued is just endless. Any form of completion in the school or a particular class can be honored with a challenge coin. Furthermore, there is a long list of reasons why a student can receive a challenge coin. Thinking about these reasons will give you an insight into what event would fit such a challenge coin and which would not. Whichever event or time you choose to issue the memorable gifts, remember the purpose and ensure they are issued in a dignified manner. There is also a culture of military challenge coins you should strive to keep.

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