Tennessee State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Tennessee State Troopers & Sheriffs

Tennessee State (officially called the State of Tennessee) resides in the upper south-eastern region of the United States.  Tennessee State became the 16th state to join the United States union on June 1st, 1796. Tennessee is ranked the 36th largest state in terms of area, with the total land area of 42,143 square miles in the United States. It is the 16th most populated state of the United States, with a total population of 6.829 million approximately. The music city Nashville is both the capital city and the largest city of the Tennessee State. Tennessee State is also called by its exclusive nickname "The Volunteer State" because of its volunteer's contribution in significant numbers in the battle of New Orleans. "Agriculture and Commerce" is the motto of the Tennessee State. Tennessee State is home to the worldwide famous three automobile manufacturers Nissan, General Motors, and Volkswagen. The economy of the Tennessee State is based on agriculture, advanced manufacturing, poultry, livestock, corporate headquarters, automobile, music, health care services, textiles, tourism, taxation, energy, and mineral production, professional services, natural resources, power plants, forestry, wood products, financial services, leisure and hospitality services, transportation, entertainment, sports, dairy products.

Fun Facts about Tennessee State

Here are some fun facts about Tennessee State.

  • Oak Ridge city in Tennessee State is the birthplace of the atomic bomb; that's why it is called "the energy capital of the world."
  • Worldwide famous whiskey brand "Jack Daniel's" belongs to the Lynchburg, Tennessee.
  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park residing in Tennessee State is the most visited national park in the United States.
  •  The nation's largest underground lake, "the lost sea," is located in Sweetwater, Tennessee State.
  • Minister Horace Burgess built the tallest tree-house in the world in Crossville, Tennessee State.
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee, is home to the largest tow truck factory and the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame Museum of the world.
  • Every year the world's largest songwriter's festival has been held in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Chattanooga city in Tennessee State is home to the world's largest freshwater aquarium.
  • The shortest highway tunnel in the world is situated in the Shady Valley, Tennessee State.
  • Columbia city of Tennessee is known as "the mule capital of the world." Columbia city celebrates the mule day parade every year with thousands of mules.
  • In Tennessee, the Trenton City Hall council chambers have "the world's largest teapot collection" with almost 525 antique teapots.
  • Piggly wiggly departmental store recognized as the first self-service grocery store in the United States, which was established in Memphis, Tennessee.

Tennessee police challenge coins

Tennessee State Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Tennessee law peace enforcement agencies have a significant role in maintaining peace and ensuring safety for the citizens. The policing agencies take all necessary actions to make sure the public is getting the rightful policing services. Law enforcement agencies work in counties, cities, and other areas of the state. These agencies also play a significant role in building and improving local communities. Tennessee law enforcement agencies have been raising public awareness about alcohol abuse, domestic violence, driving safety, and other vital issues. Many Tennessee law enforcement officers have lost their lives in the line of duty while serving and protecting the citizens. The law enforcement departments and local communities honor the brave fallen and active officers with medals and awards, and other exclusive honors, such as police challenge coins.

Tennessee Peace Enforcement Agencies

According to the record of the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are three hundred and seventy-five (375) law enforcement agencies servicing in the state of Tennessee. These law enforcement agencies are serving with almost 15,976 well-disciplined and skilled police officers.

Tennessee State Law Enforcement Agencies

Many state law enforcement agencies are working in Tennessee State. Some of the most notable ones include Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Department of Correction, Tennessee Department of Revenue, Tennessee Department of Safety, and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Tennessee County Sheriff's Offices

Numerous county law enforcement agencies are serving in Tennessee State. Some of the noteworthy are Carter County Sheriff's Office, Fentress County Sheriff's Office, Rutherford County Sheriff's Office, Shelby County Sheriff's Office, and Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, Washington County Sheriff's Office, and Knox County sheriff's office.

Tennessee Municipal Police Departments

Several municipal law enforcement agencies are functioning in Tennessee State. Some of the most outstanding are Alcoa Police Department, Bartlett Police Department, Chattanooga Police Department, Clarksville Police Department, Gatlinburg Police Department, Germantown Police Department, Knoxville Police Department, Memphis Police Department, Morristown Police Department, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Pigeon Forge Police Department, and Sevierville Police Department.

Supporting the Tennessee Peace Force, County Sheriff, and Sworn Officers

Supporting the brave officers in blue in Tennessee is crucial since our continuous support will keep these officers motivated. These officers work selflessly and sacrifice their precious family time and comfort to ensure we are safe. They deserve our maximum support for the positive work they are doing. There are numerous excellent ways to show maximum support to these men and women in blue uniforms. One of the most popular ways is to wear blue or display blue. It shows our association with the police department, and it can also motivate other people to support the police departments in Tennessee. Different ways include the use of police to challenge coins in various ways. For example, these police challenge coins can be given to police officers or state troopers to show appreciation or support.

Tennessee Police Challenge Coins & Other Support Collectibles

Get If you have decided to commemorate Tennessee's police departments, get your police challenge coins or other police support collectibles. Police Brand offers a jaw-dropping police challenge coins that have been exclusively designed for our customers. We have police support stickers, police rings, wall decals, and flags that are made to last for years. Click here to get your police support collectibles.

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