Show Your Love for the Military with the Thin Blue line Neck Gaiter

The first mention of the thin blue line was as early as in the 1900s when the US Army went for war in blue uniforms. They formed a blue line when they stood alongside each other; this formed a significant part of US history as we know it. This blue line was embraced in the mid-20th century by law enforcement officials to depict their bravery even as they protect American citizens.

This symbol was inaugurated to embody all law enforcement staff just as the Red Cross symbol exemplifies all medical personnel. The Thin Blue line symbolizes the fact that law enforcement officers act as a barrier between the criminally-minded individuals and law-abiding citizens of the country. It depicts their endless courage, strength, and heroism. They put their lives on the line daily to protect Americans to establish and maintain peace, stability, and tranquility.

Displaying this Thin Blue line gaiter in any summit illustrates backing and support to law enforcement officers for their unending feats in ensuring the harmony and stability in this great nation. This “Line” is similar to the “Line of duty”, a tribute to the military workers who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

The meaning of the colors of the flag is as follows:

Peace: The black and white spaces above the blue line represent a society with peace and order.

Anarchy: The black and white spaces below the blue line represent violence, unrest, and crime.

Law enforcement officers: The blue line which divides these parts of the flag represents the law enforcement officers who strive to establish and maintain peace and order in the society and detach chaos from it. The blue line signifies what the law enforcement officers’ guard against, the barrier between unrest and peace.

Law Abiding Citizens: The stars symbolize the citizens that military officers strive to protect.

Brotherhood: The Black background was built to serve as a continual reminder of their brother and sister officers who have lost their lives while in service. Likewise, they symbolize the communion law enforcement officers all share, a brotherhood like none other.

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