Oklahoma State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Oklahoma State Troopers

Oklahoma State is situated in the south-central region of the United States. On the historical day of November 16, 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state to integrate with the United States union. It is ranked the 20th most-largest state in terms of area, with a land area of the Oklahoma state is almost 69,898.8square miles. It is the 28th most-populated state of the United States, with a population of about 3.957 million. The word Oklahoma comes from two words of the Choctaw language, "Okla" and "humma," which means "people" and "red'. Residents of Oklahoma State are called Oklahomans (or colloquially, "Okies"). Oklahoma City, which is also known as "Loud City," is the capital and the largest city of Oklahoma State. "Labor Omnia Vincit" is the Oklahoma State's official motto, which means "Work conquers all." Oklahoma State has three famous nicknames "Native America," "Land of the Red Man" and, "Sooner State." The primary and significant economic industries of Oklahoma State are aviation and aerospace, transportation and logistics, energy, agriculture and forestry, manufacturing, food processing, electronics & telecommunication, biotechnology, natural resources (natural gas and oil production), health care, business services, entertainment and hospitality, sports, and media.

Fun Facts about Oklahoma State

Here are some fun facts about Oklahoma State.

  • On July 16, 1935, in Oklahoma City, the world's first parking meter, known as "Park O Meter 1" was installed. Carl C Maggie invented the parking meter, who is an American lawyer, and publisher.
  • Sylvan Goldman invented the first Shopping Cart. He was a resident and the owner of the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • Cimarron County is a county in Oklahoma State, which is the only county in the entire United States that shares borders with four different States; New Mexico, Texas, Kansas and, Colorado.
  • Cavanal Hill in Oklahoma State is considered the "Tallest Hill in the World."
  • The largest concrete totem pole of the world is in Foyil, Oklahoma. It is about 60 feet tall and 30 feet wide.
  • The Oklahoma State is home to the largest deposit of alabaster globally, and it is also known as the largest producer of the gypsum in the United States.
  • Oklahoma State is recognized as the only iodine producing state in the entire country.
  • The Tulsa Port of Catoosa in Oklahoma State is the largest inland port of the United States.
  • Oklahoma State has the highest number of tornadoes in the whole United States.
  • Musician Bob Dunn was the inventor of the first electric guitar, from Beggs, Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma State has more than 200 Human-made lakes. This is more than all the other states.
  • The city of Antlers in Oklahoma is known as "The Deer Capital of the World."

Oklahoma police coins

Oklahoma Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

Oklahoma law enforcement has a significant role in maintaining and enforcing peace across the state. The police departments, criminal investigation, forensic analysis, and highway patrol agencies collaborate to serve and protect the citizens with the best standards. Law enforcement also plays a significant role in building and improving local communities by introducing various safety programs. Local communities highlight the critical role of law enforcement by presenting the committed troopers with police challenge coins for their excellent performance.

Oklahoma Law Enforcement Agencies

Data obtained from the US Bureau of Justice Statistics suggest that there are four hundred and eighty-three (483) law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma State that are enforcing peace across the state. These law enforcement agencies are operating with nearly 8,639 committed sworn uniformed and civilian officers.

Oklahoma State Law Enforcement Agencies

Numerous State law enforcement agencies are serving in Oklahoma State. Some of the most significant is the Attorney General of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and many others.

Oklahoma Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies

Many municipal law enforcement agencies are working in Oklahoma State. Some of these include the Oklahoma City Police Department, Achille Police Department, Altus Police Department, Antlers Police Department, Bartlesville Police Department, Canton Police Department, Catoosa Police Department, Duke Police Department, Edmond Police Department, Fairfax Police Department, Frederick Police Department, Muskogee Police Department, Hinton Police Department, Kingfisher Police Department, Lone Wolf Police Department, Wilson Police Department, Seiling Police Department, and, many others.

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Offices

Some of the most remarkable offices are Adair County Sheriff's Office, Beckham County Sheriff's Office, Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, Craig County Sheriff's Office, Muskogee County Sheriff's Office, Major County Sheriff's Office, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Ottawa County Sheriff's Office, Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office, Woodward County Sheriff's Office, and many others.

Oklahoma Tribal Police Departments

There are tribal law enforcement agencies are functioning in Oklahoma State. Some known are Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Department, Miami Nation Tribe of Oklahoma Police Department, Muscogee (Creek) Lighthorse Police Department, Sac & Fox Nation Police Department, Wyandotte Nation Police Department, Santa Ana Tribal Police Department, and many others.

Supporting Oklahoma Law Enforcement

Law enforcement provides high-standard policing services to the citizens of Oklahoma, and in return, the citizens can show gratitude through their continuous support. Some practical ways to show support include presenting the troopers with honor medals and awards. A common civilian can wear a police support ring or trooper support sticker to express their gratitude. Some people also display police support flags on their vehicles and properties in honor of the state troopers.

Get Customized Oklahoma Police Support Collectibles

There are various ways to get customized Oklahoma police support memorabilia. For example, on special occasions, Oklahoma law enforcement agencies issue collectible items to the public or offer these collectibles to raise funds for its troopers. Many independent stores, such as Police Brand, also provide a wide variety of customized police support collectibles, such as wall decals, police challenge coins, police stickers, and rings, and so on. Click here to explore our fantastic police support collectible collections.

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