Nebraska State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Nebraska Police Officers

March 1, 1867, the day when Nebraska was declared the 37th state of the United States. Nebraska is located in the Great Plains in the Midwestern region of the United States. The state name "Nebraska" comes from the Oto Indian word "Nebrathka," which means "Flat Water." It is known as the only state of the United States with a triply landlocked border. Lincoln is the capital city, while Omaha is the largest city of Nebraska State. The State has a few nicknames, and some of the most famous ones include The Cornhusker State, Beef State, and The Tree Planter. Its total land area is 77,220 square miles, and its population is about 1.9 million. Nebraska's economy is based on agriculture, livestock, manufacturing, mining of minerals and materials, transportation, services in health care, law firms and engineering companies, etc.

Fun Facts About Nebraska State

Here are some fun facts about Nebraska State

  • In the old days, Nebraska was known as the "The Great American Desert."
  • The Honeybee is the State's Insect.
  • The world-famous Reuben sandwich was invented in Nebraska State.
  • Nebraska is home to the Lied Jungle at the Henry Dourly Zoo, the largest indoor rain forest zoo in the United States.
  • Nebraska's Ogalala aquifer (Underground water supply) is the largest in the United States.
  • There are more underground water reserves in Nebraska than any other anywhere else in the country.
  • Countrywide emergency assistance service 911 was first evolved and used in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Nebraska's motto is "Equality before the Law."
  • Nebraska State is home to the Halsey National Forest which is the largest hand-planted forest of the world, covering 90, 000 acres of land.
  • The discovery of the world's largest "Woolly Mammoth" elephant fossils belongs to Lincoln County, Nebraska. 
  • Nebraska is the birthplace of the world-famous Kool-Aid for kids.

Nebraska police coins

Nebraska Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety

With various nationally accredited law enforcement agencies, Nebraska is protecting and serving the citizens' rights well. Nebraska's law enforcement agencies' role does not end at just protecting the safety and property of the citizens. These agencies have also helped local communities implement and adopt the best security measures by giving them security advice and raising public awareness. Several police officers have lost their lives across the state in the line of duty. To commemorate these brave men and women, law enforcement agencies organize special events and issue exclusive police challenge coins.

Nebraska Law Enforcement Agencies

There are two hundred and twenty-five (225) law enforcement agencies actively protecting and serving Nebraska State citizens. These agencies have about 3, 765 who have been trained to the highest standards.

Nebraska State Law Enforcement Agencies

There are many state law enforcement agencies in Nebraska State. A few of the most significant are Nebraska State Patrol, Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, and many others.

Nebraska County Law Enforcement Agencies

There are a good number of County law enforcement agencies operating in Nebraska State. Some of the most notable ones are Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, Morrill County Sheriff's Office, Sarpy County Sheriff's, Lancaster County Sheriff's County, and many others. 

Nebraska Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies

Municipalities in Nebraska have their law enforcement agencies. Some of the most prominent agencies include the Alliance Police Department, Harvard Police Department, Lincoln Police Department, and the Omaha Police Department. 

Omaha Police Department (OPD): It is the principal police department in Omaha city. It is nationally accredited, the largest and is counted among a few of the best police departments in the state. With 902 sworn police officers, OPD is providing the best-policing services to the Omaha citizens. 

Lincoln Police Department (LPD): It is the primary police department in the city of Lincoln. With 350 police sworn police officers, LPD is ensuring safety for citizens' lives and property. The LPD was the first one in Nebraska to become nationally accredited. 

Supporting the Nebraska Law Enforcement Agencies

Nebraska law enforcement agencies' importance is undeniable since they protect and serve the citizens without any hesitation. As a Nebraska citizen, it is crucial to recognize the critical role of law enforcement agencies and support them in their pursuit of maintaining peace across the state. To show your support, you can write thank you notes messages, donate generously for the agencies, and use police collectibles, such as police challenge coins. Police officers love to receive and collect police collectibles, including police support stickers, challenge coins, patches, and badges. These collectibles induce a sense of pride in the police officers and their supporters. 

Customized Nebraska Police Challenge Coins

Customized police challenge coins have been around for some time, and they are prevalent among the challenge coin collectors. The best thing about these law enforcement coins is that they can be customized with various details, such as color, size, text, image, etc. If you are searching for an eye-catching gift for your Nebraska police officer, get a police challenge coin and customize it with the officer's name, important date, and an image. 

Collectible Nebraska Police Challenge Coins

Police collectibles have a long history in law enforcement. These collectible police coins are not only collected by the officers, but also by the civilian hobbyists. For some officers, collecting these challenge coins is a pride, while for others, it is a way to show attachment with a particular police unit. Many collectors collect only police department specific challenge coins, while others prefer to have a diverse collection. It entirely depends upon one's personal preference about what type of police coins they would want to collect. In addition to the police challenge coins, there are various other types of police memorabilia, such as patches, badges, whistles, support stickers, newspaper cuttings, etc. 

Get Nebraska Police Challenge Coins

Police Brand offers a wide variety of police collectibles, including exclusive police challenge coins that the blue officers will feel the pride to carry. Our police coins are reasonably priced. Click here to check our full collection of police collectibles.

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