Idaho State Police Challenge Coins – Honoring Idaho Law Enforcement Officers

Idaho is situated in the Pacific Northwest side of the United States, sharing a small portion of the Canadian border. It is the 12th least populous while the 7th least densely populated state in the country. It is famous for its potatoes, scenic landscapes, vast wilderness, and lots of outdoor recreation options. 


Fun Facts About Idaho 


Here are some fun facts about Idaho state:


  • Tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture are the top three industries in Idaho.
  • Idaho is bigger than New England combined (Vermont, Main, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island). 
  • “Other” is the highest ethnic population for the Gem State.
  • The state has the almost perfect 1:1 ratio of men and women.
  • Idahoans consume more wine per person than any other state in the country.
  • The lowest prices for cigarettes are found in the state.
  • The state is also known as the Gem State since there are nearly 72 types of precious stones in the state.
  • It is also known as the Lentil Capital of the World.
  • It is home to the largest hops farms in the country.
  • The Hells Canyon, which is located in Idaho, is deeper than the Grand Canyon.
  • The state is also known for its ghost towns, such as Burke and the Silver City.
  • It is a law to smile in public in Pocatello, Idaho. 

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Idaho’s Law Enforcement Role in Public Safety


Idaho has many law enforcement agencies that play a significant role in preserving the peace across the state. The Idaho law enforcement agencies are responsible for ensuring public safety, constitutional rights, and law enforcement across Idaho. These agencies are also supporting the local community for various causes by participating in different events. Many law enforcement officers have lost their lives while on duty to keep the public out of danger. Idaho law enforcement agencies, state government, and the civilian communities commemorate the fallen and the current law enforcement officers. To do so, they issue awards, organize thank-you events and issue Idaho state police challenge coins. Civilians can also pay tribute to the heroes in blue by carrying or giving Idaho state police challenge coins. 


Idaho Law Enforcement Agencies 


There are 117 law enforcement agencies actively working day and night across the state to reduce the crime rate and preserve peace. These agencies have 3, 146 sworn police officers guarding approximately 100, 000 residents of the Idaho state. These brave men and women in blue deserve our continued support and appreciation. To show your support, police challenge coins are the perfect options. It is considered an honor among the law enforcement agencies to give or receive the police challenge coins. 


Idaho State Law Enforcement Agencies


There are several state law enforcement agencies in the Idaho state, such as the Idaho Department of Correction, Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, Idaho State Police, and others. These agencies actively collaborate and other law enforcement agencies to serve and protect Idaho's citizens with great honor and bravery. 


Idaho State Police (ISP)


The ISP has statewide jurisdiction to preserve peace and ensure public safety. This department began operation as the Bureau of Constabulary in 1919. The primary responsibilities of the Idaho State Police include detection and investigation of the crime, suppression of riots, protect children and animals, and ensure public safety. In 1923, the bureau was dissolved, and in 1939 the Idaho State Police was born. The ISP is divided into divisions, and the Patrol Division is one of the most notable divisions. The division consists of uniformed state troopers who are responsible for enforcing state laws.  


Idaho County Agencies


Many County law enforcement agencies in Idaho have jurisdiction in the respective counties. Some of the most prominent Idaho county law enforcement agencies include Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Bear Lake County Sheriff’s County, Elmore County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, and others. The county police departments have worn police officers that protect the constitutional rights of the county residents. 


Idaho City Police Department 


Idaho city law enforcement agencies are serving the city residents across the state of Idaho to ensure public safety. The most prominent city police agencies in Idaho include Boise Police Department, Kamiah Marshal’s Office, Aberdeen Police Department, and others. 


Supporting the Idaho Law Enforcement Agency


Idaho police officers responsibly enforce the state law and ensure the citizens are protected. In the same way, as responsible citizens, we need to show our continuous support and appreciation to our Idaho law enforcement heroes. One of the best ways is to get Idaho state police challenge coins. These challenge coins make the best gift options for your law enforcement friend. The Idaho law enforcement coins will help you express your gratitude that you have for the services your law enforcement friend offers. If you don’t have a friend or a loved one serving in law enforcement, you can still get these challenge coins to show support to the police department. 


Customized Idaho State Police Challenge Coins


Customized Idaho state police challenge coins are a perfect way to make a statement about how much you care about the heroes in blue, and they have your continuous support. The customized challenge coins can be personalized with names, date, badge numbers, city, county, state, or any with your favorite quote. 


Idaho State Collectible Police Challenge Coins


If you are into collecting police collectibles for a hobby, Idaho state police challenge coins will make a perfect new addition to your police collectible collection. These collectibles are available in different shapes, metals, sizes, and colors. The collectible challenge coins also make a unique gift for any occasion. The most popular ones are the Idaho State Police and the state trooper challenge coins. 


Get Idaho Police Challenge Coins


Police Brand has an extensive collection of police challenge coins, including the customized police collectibles. Our designs are modern to suit different preferences. Our bestseller series include Guardian Mindset series, K9 Police unit series, and Protect and Serve series. Click here to check out our bestselling Idaho state police challenge coins.

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