FBI Challenge Coins

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (a.k.a. FBI) is the leading federal law enforcement agency in the United States. It is the national security agency responsible for the United States' internal intelligence affairs and law enforcement services. The FBI's mission is to work around the country and worldwide to address dangerous threats to the country. This agency operates under the guidance of the United States Department of Justice. It is a permanent member of the American intelligence community. The FBI conducts thorough investigations into specific crimes assigned to it. The FBI provides investigative and analytical assistance to its fellow law enforcement agencies, as well as intelligence services to understand, collect, and control security threats in the United States. It also provides support services to other national and local law enforcement agencies, such as laboratory examination, fingerprint identification, and training. In addition to domestic services, the FBI maintains international influence by providing services. Wherever the United States' embassies and consulates are located worldwide, the FBI is operating with 60 Legal attaché (LEGAT) offices and 15 sub-offices to coordinate with the security agencies of foreign host countries.

There is no doubt that the FBI is credited with tremendous successes and timely national security measures in America's history. FBI officers sacrificed their lives for the country's security on countless occasions. FBI officials make national security a top priority in both war and peace and make it possible to protect every American soul's lives, property, and rights. We must respect the FBI and the officers who work in it, and use every possible way to encourage them. In this regard, there are many great ways to promote and appreciate law enforcement agencies and their serving officers in American communities. But, the easiest way to praise and encourage our country's law enforcement and officers is to honor them with challenge coins.

The capable and intelligent officers of the FBI deserve praise and admiration. Top officials and authorities issue honorary challenge coins to FBI officers in recognition of their accomplishments. People of the country also admire their brave FBI heroes and give them challenge coins as gifts. The public and retired and on-duty FBI officers also collect these honorary and commemorative coins as collectibles. Undoubtedly, challenge coins are the best assets for keeping the definition of bravery and success alive. Gifting or honoring challenge coins attributed to the FBI is popular at both public and private levels. These coins are also collected as collectible items.

Official Duties and Obligations of FBI

Once we understand the FBI's duties, we will become familiar with the FBI's national security efforts. The FBI's most essential and comprehensive responsibilities include protecting the United States from all possible attacks by domestic and international terrorist groups and their supporters and identify other national security threats. Ensuring compliance with the country's laws and regulations is another responsibility of the FBI. Protect governmental and public cyber-infrastructure by identifying and investigating cybercrime and high-tech attacks. Investigate and gather evidence of political and public corruption and law violations. FBI is also responsible for detecting and arresting fugitives involved in particular types of federal violations upon request. It also detects and eliminates hidden criminal businesses whose activities adversely affect the United States. Conducting training programs for state and local law enforcement agencies and provide the required assistance. Resolving the common crime issues between federal, interstate, and local law enforcement agencies also include the FBI's duties. FBI also takes steps to improve and consolidate the law enforcement system and develop new tactics, techniques, strategies, equipment. Ensure timely delivery of statistics related to individuals, employment, criminal justice, arms dealers, licenses, criminal organizations' activities and crimes, disputed properties, and law enforcement agencies. To evaluate operations and work performance to ensure the stability and growth of the economy. And convey information to Congress, the media, and the public about the FBI's missions, performance, and accomplishments.

History and Historical Services of FBI

U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General Bonaparte founded the Bureau of Investigation in 1908. In 1910, this bureau did its first job, which was consists of enforcing the "White Slavery Traffic Act". In 1933, the Bureau of Investigation was merged with the Bureau of Prohibition, and the Investigation Division was reconstituted. Later in 1935, as an independent service provider in the U.S. Department of Justice, it was renamed the Federal Bureau of Investigation from the Investigation Division. When the United States adopted a neutral policy in World War II, the FBI further strengthened its strategy in terms of national security and was fully committed to dealing with any threat. The scope of the FBI's achievements is significantly broader. The FBI has tightened the law's grip on notorious hooligans in the history of the country, bank robbers, criminals like John Dillinger, Bonnie Parker, Clyde Beer alias Onyx Bonnie, and Clyde, George Machine and others, and removed the influence of these criminals. With the outbreak of the Cold War, the FBI became more active. They kept a close watch on all the suspects of big and small prestige and identity in the country and ensured all possible actions.

Similarly, while dealing with Soviet Union conspiracies and espionage, the FBI focused its attention on other smuggling and white-collar crimes. After the tragic tragedy of 9/11, FBI powers have been extended for an extensive investigation. Overall, the FBI has always played its part in ensuring and strengthening national security and defense.

FBI'S Appearance on Media

Films, T.V. shows, and novels based on the FBI's notable achievements and the exploits of its intelligent and dedicated agents have been featured extensively in every media field since the 1930s. Based on this fact, it can be said that films and T.V. series based on stories and characters attributed to the FBI have also played a role in the creative and evolutionary abilities of the media. Thriller and blood-curdling scenes from movies and T.V. series based on the FBI's stories are prevalent among the public. Films and T.V. series based on the FBI's accomplishments are impossible to count, but here we mention a few of the most popular movies and T.V. series, including the x-files, drama 24, point break, Donnie Brasco, and Quantico. The X-Files T.V. series has been airing for almost eighteen years, and its audience is growing steadily. Point Break did record business at the box office and was seen again and again by viewers. In the race for national duty, in the hearts of the people and the media, it is the FBI's characteristic to maintain constant enthusiasm.

FBI Flag, Seal, and Special Agent Badge

FBI Flag

The FBI flag's blue color and emblem indicate national security, safety, standards, and great values. Its design featured a shield written against the center blue field; two laurel branches show a shield. At its edges, two golden stripes form a circle, in which the "Justice Department" at the top and the bottom "Federal Bureau of Investigation" has written. Between the middle and the golden stripes of the edge, there is a circle of thirteen stars, which refers to the thirteen founding states and the United States' unity. Two laurel branches full of forty-six leaves are the epitome of academic honor, fame, and distinction. The blue color in the central shield's background represents justice and tranquility—five parallel vertical red and white stripes between the laurel branches complete the protection. Red lines symbolize courage, bravery, and strength, and white bars represent light, purity, and truth. Below the shield is a booklet with the words "Loyalty, Bravery, Integrity" written on it. Rows of golden peaks around its edges is a sign of facing difficult situations.

FBI Seal

The FBI seal design is derived entirely from the FBI flag, which is also recognized FBI identity symbol.

FBI Badge

The FBI badge is different from the FBI flag and seal. The golden color badge of the FBI resembles a small shield held tight by an eagle. The face of the shield is shown to be Justitia, holding its scales and sword and the names of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

FBI Challenge Coins

The use of challenge coins in American history and culture needs no introduction. Praising or honoring with challenge coins is one of civilized American society's best and most beautiful practices. This is a unique and unparalleled trend. Thousands of challenge coins are used each year in the military, FBI, and other country law enforcement agencies. In this context, it is not difficult to understand how good and vital these challenge coins are. Challenge coins are medals and glory. Challenge coins can be based on the reputation and identity of an organization. Challenge coins can be an officer's lifetime achievement medal that he proudly wears on his uniform or displayed in his office or home. Challenge coins can be used for Thanksgiving. Challenge coins can be used for motivation and encouragement. Challenge coins can be an open expression and proof of great accomplishment. Challenge coins can commemorate a great tragedy, event, adventure, deed, or martyrdom. Challenge Coins are a legacy of identity and greatness between generations.

Rewarding & Honoring Challenge Coins to FBI Agents

Challenge coins used in the FBI are given as a reward for professional services and sacrifices. Gifting challenge coins are a popular rite among FBI agents and their supporters to appreciate the performance and national service spirit. Coins of different designs, sizes, and coins are used to honor and commend FBI agents serving in various FBI branches. But the gold-plated blue coins have a prominent place in the FBI, which is the seal of the federal bureau of investigation and identifying the FBI. Click here to view and collect FBI related challenge coins from our huge and variable coins collection.

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