Demonstrating Military Pride with Dog Tag Custom Challenge Coins

The origin of challenge coins was the military. They have a long history of using challenge coins to demonstrate respect, pride, and recognition. Similarly, dog tags are vital in the military as the challenge coins because they identify soldiers, especially those killed or wounded, while in duty. Therefore, they are a sign of identity. Military dog tags have been introduced to replace the standard plastic identity cards. The main reason behind introducing dog tags was their ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions that the military are exposed to, while in service. Challenge coins can be designed with the shape of dog tags, and excellently serve the desired purpose. Here are some of the reasons that make them suitable.

Challenge coins are impressive.

Everyone wants to own something that is appealing to them. Challenge coins are not unique but also appealing. The case is so because their designs are based on the desired artwork. Also, the message they are designed to deliver determines their appearance. Therefore, they can be customized to take dog tags' shape, and the text printed on them can resemble that used in dog tags. 3D emblems and decorative edges make challenge coins to have a distinctive look. Their uniqueness will make the military proud to have them or carry them around.

Challenge coins are highly customizable.

Challenge coins offer an unmatchable customizability level. That being the case, you can get any design of your wish upon presenting the artwork. As a result, they can be designed in a unique way that allows them to be worn on the neck to resemble the actual dog tags. Besides, unlike the dog tags, they allow pictorial representations to be embedded on the coin’s surface. Therefore, in addition to the recipients’ names, their pictures can be printed on the surface to enhance their identification. That being the case, they can be customized to suit each recipient's needs. 

Challenge coins are durable.

Military personnel is often exposed to extreme environmental conditions. That being the case, they need to carry tools that can withstand high temperatures and rugged conditions without getting affected. Challenge coins are made from durable metals like silver, brass, and gold, among others. Besides, they can be covered with an enamel finish that offers an additional protection layer against scratches and from wearing out. Therefore, they can excellently serve the purpose because the texts and images printed on them can withstand harsh conditions while staying intact for a long time.

Challenge coins are known for promoting a sense of pride.

Since their inception, challenge coins have been used for recognizing excellent efforts made by the military personnel. Together with the high customizability, they not only promote the sense of identity when used as dog tags but also encourage pride. Therefore, they create a win-win situation when used as dog tags. Besides, challenge coins encourage perseverance, leadership, and teamwork. Thus, issuing dog tag-shaped custom challenge coins will enable the military personnel to work together to achieve the unit's ultimate goals. Also, they will encourage them to endure the difficulties they face while on duty. Therefore, they will be motivated to keep working hard even when the conditions are discouraging.

In conclusion, challenge coins can be shaped and designed as dog tags and succinctly serve the purpose. Therefore, DPOs, FPOs, and APOs, among other military personnel, should consider ordering dog tag-shaped custom challenge coins for their respective troops. Do you admire custom challenge coins and other related products? If yes, click here to check out and buy the latest challenge coins available in the market.

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