Distressed Thin Blue Line Flag

Do you want to show your passion for law enforcement? Our distressed thin blue line flag is perfect. The flag symbolizes respect and pride for the cops who risk their lives to ensure public safety. Remember, the police stand as a force against chaos and disorder in our community. Thus, these flags show the need for the cops to build trust bridges by engaging with society.

Meanwhile, the police are also part of the community and face the same security issues. Besides showing our support, a distressed flag helps us to make our thoughts louder in the face of troubles or solidarity. Here are our distressed thin blue line flag collections that might interest you.

Thin Blue Line Wood Flag

This design features an American Police flag with white, black stripes and a blue line. The flag’s design is inspired by the officer’s core elements and the thin blue line concept. Hence, the words, honor, character, faith, courage, respect, duty, integrity, and commitment are written on white lines. Luckily, these words help resound the officer’s dedication to the calling while showing the citizen’s respect.

This design is available in 3x5 and 3x9 foot sizes. It comes with grommets for smooth hanging.

Police Flag Yellow Gadsden

A unique design to show support for law enforcement with a thin blue line between yellow lines. Besides being reflective, this flag also carries the phrase ‘enough is enough don’t tread on me.’ A snake symbol on the flag’s middle reflects the officer’s aggression level against the bad elements. The thin yellow lines represent significant community members like security guards, loss prevention, and tow truck drivers. Like other designs on this list, this flag is reinforced with two metal grommets.

Thin Red and Blue Line Flag

This flag represents the bravery of the cops across the United States. It also shows the support of the citizens for the firefighters and law enforcement. The thin red line running from left to the middle stands for the sacrifice that firefighters make to protect life and property.

Before now, the thin red line was used to describe a specific military unit, holding a firearm in anticipation of an attack. The blue line stands for the relationship between the police, citizens, and criminals in society. Now, you can wave the flag to display respect for officers injured or killed at duty post. By purchasing this flag, you’re offering your support and appreciation to uniform officers and their families for their labor of love.  

Thin Blue Line Skull Flag

What separates this flag from the ones we’ve listed is a skull symbol. On sighting the symbol of a skull, what comes into mind are ‘alertness and survival.’ Meanwhile, the main duty of the police is to crush the criminals that endanger your survival.

The solemn black background reminds us of those who lost their lives in the struggle to keep us alive and protected from anarchy. Again, this flag is ideal for showing support for those who shield us. The flag also boasts two heavy-duty grommets that make it easy to hang on a pole in your vehicle or room.


If you want to show your grievance or respect for those who took bullets to keep you from harm, you can pick any of our listed products.



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