Challenge coins have a strong history and an equally bright future. Looking at the current market and the turn of events in our society, we can predict that more and more people will visit coin shops looking for traditional as well as custom coins. A challenge coin has great meaning and significance to the receiver. Sometimes challenge coins are issued to recognize the sacrifice that people have made for a good cause and thus remain memorable in their whole lives. Below are some of the most common types of challenge coins you can find on our portfolio.


Military challenge coins

military challenge coins

Military challenge coins are probably the most widely known coins in the history of challenge coins. The tradition of issuing challenge coins has its roots in the military and has remained strong even after the evolution of cultures and values. Military challenge coins are issued to uniformed personnel as well as veteran soldiers to honor their dedication to country and sometimes their achievements while in service. In different ranks in the army, challenge coins are a sign of belonging and a proof of identity. Military challenge coins are further divided into the various categories of the defense, as illustrated below.

  1. Army challenge coins
  2. Air force challenge coins
  3. Marine challenge coins
  4. Navy challenge coins

For all the categories of military challenge coins, the issuance and specific design highly depend on the ranks, achievements, and awards of the receivers, and the logos of the various battalions in the respective categories. That is to say, for example, that a retired marine may be awarded a circular coin–the preferred shape for military challenge coin– with the blue star logo representing the marines and the word retired engraved on it, among other signs.

Police challenge coins

Police challenge coins are more similar to military challenge coins in their usage. They usually are issued or awarded to honor and recognize the commitment of law enforcement officers to the call of duty. Like military challenge coins, different police coins are awarded according to ranks and achievements of the various receivers. They are usually an excellent way to motivate officers and cultivate different cultural values held by law enforcers. In turn, police challenge coin holders are proud of their achievements and service to the community.

We design and manufacture high-quality police coins that can be distributed to uniformed cops, recognizing efforts made by private citizens to improve the security of the communities. We understand police departments in different states and counties have different designs, colors, and material preferences, and we endeavor to make admirable police challenge coins from your precise instructions.

Fire department coins

Firefighters are among the most valuable first responders in our country. Everyone understands what a tough call these guys are up against. It is, therefore, befitting to recognize the exceptional acts of bravery, dedication, and fearlessness depicted by fire personnel with professionally designed challenge coins.

Fire department challenge coins are an excellent way to recognize the achievement of individual firefighters. We are happy to create custom or generic fire department challenge coins showing fire equipment and values holding together different fire response teams.

Corporate coins

Besides advertisement and good public relations, challenge coins are probably the best way to promote a corporate identity. A professionally designed corporate challenge coin can serve as a reward to outstanding employees and valued customers. Also, corporate challenge coins can be used to welcome new customers and to mark important days and milestones in a corporates lifeline. Having a superior quality custom challenge coin engraved with a corporate logo, unique design, and colors will put you ahead of the competition by ensuring clients can easily identify with your brand.

Cisco corporate challenge coin


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